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"I thought we were supposed to be the scary ones"

I do like how Being Human hasn't gone half-hearted into giving each episode a title, and there's some cleverness to them. This week, as a zombie becomes the latest supernatural creature to actually exist in the BH universe, there's a throwback to last year and CenSSA's categorisations: "Type 4" by Jamie Mathieson, directed by Philip John.

- Mathieson also wrote for the show last year, the episode featuring Sykes. I see from my review at the time that I thought that episode did a great job of balancing the action between the leads and the same is true this year; nobody felt sidelined.
- This being a zombie episode there was a bit more gore than usual. I'm not a big fan of gore as a source of humour/shocks, which is how it's used here but at least this would appear to be a one-off, the only zombies ever to have existed now being properly dead. Alexandra Roach is really good in the guest role of Sasha, the makeup job's great even if there are one too many "boo!" closeup shots of it.
- A good one for gags; "Chavelodge," "Why didn't you just Rentaghost?" "Watch a bit of Wipeout, have a biscuit" (the trashy telly meme continues I see.)
- The other storyline with Graham (Tony Maudsley) was really interestingly done I thought. There was something about the combination of a dangerous blackmailer and a saddo fanboy (blackmailing Mitchell into essentially letting Graham stalk him) that felt very original.
- After getting some great comedy together last week, Russell and Sinéad are excellent in the dramatic stuff this time with the "hairy baby" storyline, which I guess was fairly expected after the wolf-sex in "Lia" but still could prove interesting.
- The Sasha storyline actually gave all four leads a chance to do scenes together, which it's silly not to when they work together so well. I do still worry that now that there's two couples there's a natural tendency for each couple to get their own storyline but hopefully it won't be quite as straightforward as that. My other Series 3 concern, of there being no proper story arc yet, remains but by the looks of things it should all kick into gear more next week with the long-promised insight into werewolf culture.
- I'll also have to wait until next week to see what I think of the Annie/Mitchell pairing since we only saw the start of it this week. I thought the leadup to it was handled well though.
- And no naked Russell Tovey but he spent half the episode in T-shirt and boxers, the other half in a very tight T-shirt so who's complaining? He did look particularly good this week. Even while he was trying to pee. How thoughtless, to start the show with a scene like that and make everyone's thoughts turn to his downstairs parts. I'm sure Tovey himself would feel uncomfortable about it, heaven knows he's such a shrinking violet who would never encourage anyone to think about his genitals. Yeah, basically once the episode had finished I came back online and saw that Tovey'd been tweeting about his foreskin. Again.
- And on a "gets obsessed with the credits" final note, I think Colin Teague actually directed 3 episodes but they weren't in order. I'm guessing it was to do with having a filming block that Robson Green and Michael Socha weren't needed for, and that Philip John's name will crop up again in some later episode that doesn't feature them.

Episode 3.3, "Type 4" - We like?

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