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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 47: Beard-and-a-frock 
9th-Feb-2011 12:14 pm
Yet again I've got a cold, so expect my Twitter feed to mainly consist of me grumbling about that for the next few days. In the meantime here's what was on my mind in the last week, starting off with one of those times Twitter really comes into its own with the #whatstigma hashtag, where everyone shared their mental health issues to help take away the stigma associated with them; then going from the sublime to the ridiculous as the Tube seemed to get taken over by unconvincing transvestites:

I've spent 20 years thinking I imagined this - turned out it actually exists: http://t.co/khiMW0w via @youtube
11:17 AM Feb 2nd via Tweet Button

I'm Nick and I'm bipolar #whatstigma
1:09 PM Feb 2nd via web

My plan not to have a nap this afternoon was partially successful (i.e. it was a more a lie-down than a proper nap.)
4:36 PM Feb 2nd via web

Sat on the tube opposite the world's least convincing midget transvestite. Stilettoes and copious stubble.
6:52 PM Feb 2nd via txt

And a wig that's DEFINITELY mopped a floor or two in its time.
6:53 PM Feb 2nd via txt

@pretinama No anger here. But only Kenny Everett rocked the beard-and-a-frock combo.
12:14 AM Feb 3rd via web in reply to pretinama

Going for a walk while there's a bit of sunshine - we don't want rickets, do we?
2:21 PM Feb 3rd via txt

ANOTHER unconvincing tranny on the tube? Actually this one might be a woman. With the voice of Barry White.
10:47 PM Feb 3rd via txt

Poster ad for a book called "The Rembrandt Secret." Please tell me this is a spoof.
10:53 PM Feb 3rd via txt

@emslj I'm almost impressed that you managed to avoid Sondheim last year. Some shows got staged that even HE'd forgotten he wrote.
4:05 PM Feb 4th via web in reply to emslj

The Union Theatre always seems to have such good-looking audiences. It's handy when there's no totty in the actual play.
8:37 PM Feb 4th via txt

So, only the first #becominghuman was 12 minutes and the rest are just 5? *sadface*
11:29 PM Feb 6th via web

Well done Twitter, you've made me actualLOL several times today *scratches Twitter behind the ear*
3:08 PM Feb 7th via web

*tsk* I saw a penny, I picked it up... where was my bloody good luck then? Certainly not in my bowling scores.
10:29 PM Feb 7th via web

Seriously, I'm getting another cold? This winter's been a nightmare.
10:23 AM Feb 8th via web
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