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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 48: Eurovision caterwauling 
16th-Feb-2011 11:46 am
Well I did say my Twitter feed (@nick730) would largely consist of me grumbling about the cold I had last week, but I think I managed to keep it to a minimum...

Just about got through an hour at gym; hopefully that's sweated out some of this cold.
10:46 AM Feb 9th via txt

Upside of this cold (as long as I don't actually have to *do* anything) - the constant wooziness. It's like being stoned for free.
12:29 PM Feb 9th via web

We've had all kinds of weather today! #iboremyselfsometimes
4:52 PM Feb 9th via web

The condom machine in this pub toilet also dispenses Anadin. Is that in case she says she has a headache?
7:20 PM Feb 9th via txt

In a nice bit of timing, my tickets for this summer's Globe shows arrived just as casting was announced.
12:06 PM Feb 10th via web

So, the rat-tailed teleporter from #misfits is playing Hamlet? This may be the only Hamlet I see this year. Yeah, you heard me right, Sheen!
12:08 PM Feb 10th via web

Excited about Eve Best returning to the stage but please acquire some male totty in your supporting casts, The Globe, so far it's lacking.
12:11 PM Feb 10th via web

Miranda moving to BBC1 - but getting held back until 2012? *sadface*
2:47 PM Feb 10th via web

Gone 6pm and the sun's just finished setting: Slightly longer days, get in!
6:06 PM Feb 10th via txt

Poor Rihanna - judging from the radio this morning, her Nana *still* hasn't told her what her name is.
11:52 AM Feb 11th via web

WHY would anyone offer Samantha Womack/Janus a role in a musical? Have they really forgotten her Eurovision caterwauling?
2:23 PM Feb 12th via web

@3rdspearcarrier Just don't say you weren't warned http://t.co/upjy0Mg via @Dailymotion
2:30 PM Feb 12th via Tweet Button

@3rdspearcarrier One can only hope. Or maybe South Pacific now features a mute.
2:35 PM Feb 12th via web in reply to 3rdspearcarrier

Oh bloody blimey, I now have an actual booking for my week in actual New York this summer.
4:20 PM Feb 12th via web

On Valentine's Day, I shall be watching a Neil LaBute play. TAKE THAT, HUMANITY! #notatallmisanthropic
1:14 PM Feb 13th via web

Caught up with Outcasts, it did indeed improve in Episode 2 (though it couldn't have got much worse.) And Michael Legge looks amazing in it.
6:45 PM Feb 13th via web

Epic nosebleed as a last-minute nasty surprise from the cold I had last week. It's like the hand at the end of Carrie. (I'm OK now.)
5:55 PM Feb 15th via web
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