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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 49: It's an epidemic 
23rd-Feb-2011 12:51 pm
This week on my Twitter feed, no real surprises that the main excitement was right at the start, with the multiple gay sleb spots at Ordinary Days last week. The combination of D-Boys and Tovey in the same room got the most excited response from my followers ever, beating even the Joe McFadden spot from a few weeks ago.

Everyone, including me, seems to be having trouble remembering what day it is today. I've checked and turns out it's Wednesday.
12:24 PM Feb 16th via web

@girlfromessex Seriously, my trainer thought tomorrow was Friday, @serafinowicz tweeted that it was Thursday this morning, it's an epidemic.
12:28 PM Feb 16th via web in reply to girlfromessex

A character on #outcasts says "Have you been in an accident?" I automatically chip in with "...that wasn't your fault?" #brainwashed
3:18 PM Feb 16th via web

Sleb Spot: NationalTreasureStephenFry, Stevie Webb & Paul Spicer, Trafalgar Studios bar.
7:38 PM Feb 16th via txt

Sleb Spot: TOVEY! Also Traf Studio bar.
7:43 PM Feb 16th via txt

@merseytart It's him stalking me I'll have you know!
9:11 PM Feb 16th via txt

@nick00031 I didn't know where to look first.
9:12 PM Feb 16th via txt

.@danielboys and @russelltovey in the same room? It was like the battle of the fantasy husbands.
9:16 PM Feb 16th via txt

@nick00031 he and Stevie rushed off to the pub afterwards sharpish. Must have seen me coming LOL.
9:18 PM Feb 16th via txt

@helencairns it was like a roomful of gay sexy. Er, and me.
9:28 PM Feb 16th via txt

How rude though - I spotted LOADS of celeb tweeters and none of them spotted me back. They could have called it a Pleb Spot.
10:56 PM Feb 16th via web

Re: 'Exclusively Gay!' http://j.mp/e1qWFi
11:51 AM Feb 17th via LiveJournal.com

Previous link is me responding to an anonymous commenter who took issue with one of my reviews.
11:53 AM Feb 17th via web

Unfortunately the link just takes you to my reply, not their comment, so that's not much use is it?...
11:54 AM Feb 17th via web

This is why I buy Royal Court tickets in advance indiscriminately: Iwan Rheon's in Remembrance Day from next month. *squee*
5:06 PM Feb 18th via web

Theatrical Spot: Sebastian Armesto, Arcola bar.
7:36 PM Feb 18th via txt

I know the Arcola like to save energy but turning all the lights off might be going a bit far.
7:39 PM Feb 18th via txt

@3rdspearcarrier It is a magical mystery tour to the loos. Studio 2 turns out to be marginally less Arctic than S1 at least.
9:59 PM Feb 18th via txt

Was there a competition for how many people with coughs and runny noses could sit next to me on the bus?
2:51 PM Feb 20th via txt

Sleb Spot: Lesley Manville, Royal Court bar.
6:55 PM Feb 21st via txt

Being Human Spot: Adrian Schiller, Royal Court.
7:07 PM Feb 21st via txt

Dear #glee: If the point of the episode is that the students get a break from Shoe, why can't the audience as well?
11:46 AM Feb 22nd via web

It occurs to me that I'm on a downer. I guess it's positive that they're now so rare, it takes me a while to recognise them.
3:13 PM Feb 22nd via web

This is a low but it won't hurt you.
3:13 PM Feb 22nd via web

It's always a shock when a hot bus driver exists.
11:17 PM Feb 22nd via txt

@nick00031 I don't think this one's a member of the gaiety, or if he is he's the butch kind.
11:25 PM Feb 22nd via web in reply to nick00031
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