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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Something old, something new... 
25th-Feb-2011 02:42 pm
...but nothing borrowed or blue because this isn't a wedding, it's just a Friday afternoon which means I'm sharing some more nice things so if you're at work you can use them to get a couple of minutes closer to home time. I sometimes link to a new YouTube video but this time I'm going for an old one, and one of my all-time favourite things: Peter Sellers' impression of Laurence Olivier playing Richard III, with a slight alteration to the text:

(This version of "A Hard Day's Night" actually got released as a single and charted; which means Peter Sellers actually had a chart hit that wasn't a bit racist, so that's nice.)

Yet again, the totty photos of the week are of one Russell Tovey, who surely features on here more than any other attractive young man, despite my always being out on the lookout for new eye-candy. But there's always new Tovey photos because he's the gift that keeps on giving. Or a bit of a tart who blatantly gets off on the fact that lots of strangers fancy him, and so shares sexy photos of himself on Twitter constantly. It's basically the same thing.

Happy weekend And That!
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