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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
"The Church of Earth, Wind and Fire" 
27th-Feb-2011 10:02 pm
I have to admit, even my tolerance for bad puns might be stretched by this week's Being Human episode title: "Daddy Ghoul" by Lisa McGee, directed by Philip John.

- OK let's just get the gripes out of the way first but this was bugging me as soon as we got to the funeral: I mean I'm not Jewish myself so for all I know maybe rabbis do dress like that for funerals but to me it looked suspiciously like that was a priest conducting it. I suppose at a stretch George could only be Jewish on his mother's side but given there was no plot reason for George Sr not to be Jewish was there any good reason to complicate matters? It just looks like a mahussive continuity fuckup.
- Not as big a deal I suppose but the plot twist about George Sr being alive rests on 2 (two) werewolves not being able to smell the difference between a living person and a dead one, and it's been well-established their sense of smell is better than that. George's senses could be clouded by emotion but Nina too?
- Apart from that this was a lot of fun, for the most part a very light episode as we build up to the last two, Toby Whithouse episodes of the series.
- Mitchell as an all-out bad guy I can deal with a lot better than the way he's been lately, so his progression this week was a plus for me. I don't need another leading man who spends all his time making excuses for awful, awful behaviour while we're expected to like him - that's what Glee's for.
- James Fleet! As George's occasionally dead dad!
- Not sure I'm loving the use of the word "pikey," mind. No Bonio for Nina.
- Nice misdirect in last week's preview clip about what Herrick was spying on from the attic; him sucking on the wad of tissue was pretty gross but I supppose they could have found an even less pleasant item for him to pick up out of a bathroom rubbish bin. Thank god neither of the women living there are currently menstruating, is all I can say.
- George's parents getting back together all ended a bit too smoothly really didn't it? What with James Fleet being involved I thought it was last Monday and I was watching The Heretic again.
- Did George tell his parents about Nina's impending litter? I'd have thought it might be wise not to, since they don't have any idea what the chances are of the baby being born safely.
- Lots of great comedy moments; Annie trying to recite "Funeral Blues" while George looked uncomfortable had me LOLing even before she segued into "Fight For This Love." And then punched him.
- And George Sr thinking his unfinished business was that he'd never seen Titanic was great.
- Then there's the whole Popeye conversation.
- And don't think I didn't notice another reference to the Old Ones in the pre-credits teaser. Setup for the finale? Or, given how little we know about them so far, a hint about what a possible Series 4 might be about?

"Daddy Ghoul" - was it...

Ghoul for cats - excellent
Ghoul and the gang - not bad at all
Ghoul runnings - disappointing
Vanilla Ice stars in "Ghoul as Ice" - unwatchable
Ghoulio Iglesias
27th-Feb-2011 10:59 pm (UTC)
The Mitchell/Herrick plot wasn't quite so cheery - I felt the director was playing with us every time the policewoman came around. And the scene in the bathroom with Herrick was practically unbearable.

Maybe just me, but I kept expecting George to explain to his parents that he was gay. Although the reaction when he said 'I'm a werewolf' was just pefect.
27th-Feb-2011 11:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah I was going to mention the scene with Herrick and Nancy; then I remembered I wanted to mention the Old Ones tease and forgot that instead. Ah well.

The fact that the two Georges were so vague about what was wrong with Jr did make me think we were being set up for a big "George Sr thought it was something entirely different (probably gay)" misunderstanding that never came. Given Sr turned out not to be a ghost anyway, we never did find out what he thought Jr's problem was (he mentioned an illness; given he took Nina's arrival in his stride he presumably didn't go for the gay explanation.)

*edit* On a second viewing it's obvious, and rather beautifully done by Fleet: When you're aware George Sr is actually alive, there's a sad little look when Jr tells him he's a ghost that makes it clear he thinks Jr is mentally ill. But when you watch it assuming he's dead, it just looks like he's accepting that fact.

Edited at 2011-02-28 12:36 pm (UTC)
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