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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 50: Additional information 
2nd-Mar-2011 01:33 pm
Apologies if you follow my Twitter stream; looking back at the last week my life's clearly been very dull. Still, it could be worse, you could be living it. Anyway, with reference to one of this week's Sleb Spots, I checked when I got home and yes I did spell Tom Sturridge's name right. So you can sleep easy now And That.

Today at the gym I did assisted dips, unassisted. So just dips.
12:48 PM Feb 23rd via web

Fame Academy Winner Spot: Sneddon, Waterloo Station. I did not see his cock. This time.
6:47 PM Feb 23rd via txt

My simple rule for when I need a haircut: If I can see the grey, it's time for it to come off.
9:50 AM Feb 24th via txt

My friend Evil Alex has had his appendix removed. Now what will he do if he needs additional information not covered in the main chapters?
3:36 PM Feb 25th via web

Poor the homeless. Not only is it raining but they also have to look at Bieber's face on the Big Issue cover :(
11:12 AM Feb 26th via txt

@pretinama He's a lesbian.
11:22 AM Feb 26th via txt

@pretinama Oh don't worry, I'm pretty sure he's not human.
12:39 PM Feb 26th via web in reply to pretinama

Sleb Spot: Tom Sturridge (sp?) standing next to me at bar, Royal Court.
6:44 PM Feb 28th via txt
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