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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
"This is First Contact" 
6th-Mar-2011 10:02 pm
Quite a Tovey-light episode of Being Human this week, which is fine since he made up for it over the weekend with a couple of appearances on Comic Relief's 24 Hour Panel People, unfortunately in the middle of the night. Meanwhile I think there might be the odd thing to say about the actual episode, "Though the Heavens Fall" by Toby Whithouse, directed by Daniel O'Hara.

- When it comes up to the final two-parter, once again I get a bit disappointed that we're near the end, while being excited that Toby Whithouse will be taking the reins again. And so far I don't think my optimism was misplaced.
- Obviously this time I don't mind so much about this being Mitchell-centric since it was not only inevitable but it deals with everything that's been coming to him for quite some time. Quite apart from his comeuppance for the Box Tunnel 20 what's most important in terms of the characters is of course his constant deception of his friends, especially Annie. It's the fact that she was partly behind his arrest that really resonates.
- The pre-credits teaser depends on a pretty whopping coincidence, of Herrick having been responsible for McNair becoming a werewolf. Fortunately it's well-done enough that it doesn't matter so much. It's a joy right from the very fact that it was a dogfight that caused McNair's lycanthropy, to the immediate setup for one of the episode's many plot strands.
- Although this storyline, like so many of them, was full of little misleads, what with it being McNair who ended up dead at the end of it. Then there was Cooper's calling Nancy into the crime scene alone which immediately screams "watch out;" which you then forget as you get sucked into the evidence against Mitchell and which then comes right back as he's revealed to be a vampire. And then Nancy survives except... aw, poor Nancy. Although from the teaser there seems to be an army of Herrick-sired vampire police being born, and since she was still just about moving when we last saw her I reckon we'll be seeing her again.
- The big shocker, of course (which also featured one of those little misleads,) Nina's apparent death. Although going back to the teaser it rather spoiled things as it appears she's not quite gone yet.
- With his "dad" dead the next thing we saw was Tom, whom we then didn't see again all episode. So he's got a grudge - didn't I say I had my suspicions he might actually be the wolf-shaped bullet and we were being distracted? (And of course, the top-secret episode title for next week is "The Wolf-Shaped Bullet.")
- Then again we saw Mitchell and George in the cage together so was it all a double bluff?
- Speaking of George and Tom, I don't care, my mind went to a rather obvious place when Russell Tovey seemed very, very keen for Michael Socha to move in with them/go for a pint with him. And then they compared cock size. Well, chicken size. I make my own fun.
- "Hungry As The Wolf!" Amazing. Even more amazing that they managed to wait three whole series before using it. Lots of nice use of songs actually, what with Shirley "Doesn't have the range" Bassey's "History Repeating" coming on as the old Herrick re-emerged.
- Great work by Jason Watkins as well, playing about 37 different versions of Herrick and not letting on which was the real one, until finally the killing spree revealed that the amnesia had been genuine all along - but it's gone now.
- You know something I love about this series? That with moving into a former B&B, that's actually been extrapolated into a recurring theme for the series, of more and more house guests. But the sort of houseguests who bring trickier problems than very specific breakfast requirements.
- Like Tully, Daisy gets a throwaway offscreen death; I always find them disappointing. I guess that's what happens when Amy Manson is too busy doing Outcasts. Does she always have to have flowery character names? 'Cause she's Fleur in that. Or Fluuuurgh, as Daniel Mays chooses to pronounce it. But I digress.
- With no firm announcement about a fourth series one of the big questions now is the one of the vampires and other supernaturals being "outed" by Mitchell's arrrest. It's interesting to see where Whithouse wants to go with this: If, say, there is another year on the cards, will we get a last-minute reprieve that keeps things secret, or will we be in more of a True Blood universe where the vamps have come out of the coffin?
- What, Socha couldn't get his arse out once? For shame.

I wonder if "Though the Heavens Fall" will be a popular one...

Heavens to Murgatroyd: Amazing
Halfway to Heaven: Not bad at all
Heaven 17: So-so
Heaven's Gate: A disaster
So Fred said let's Heaven other cup of tea and we said right-oh
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