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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Gore blimey 
8th-Mar-2011 08:15 am
I've not properly remembered many dreams lately but I've got the impression they've been pretty gory - eyeballs seem to have featured at some point. This one I have remembered on waking up but like I say, warning: It's a bit gross. Because of some accident I don't actually remember, most of the skin on my right forearm had come off - almost everything between the wrist and elbow was hanging off in two chunks, one had completely detached, and the other was just hanging on at the wrist. Just how bad it was seemed to vary, sometimes it was just the top layer of skin that had come off, others it was a really nasty wound. Then my mum appeared out of nowhere with a bandage. She decided it would be fine if we just put the skin back in place then bandaged it. The completely detached piece was fine but she was having trouble with the other piece, which she ripped off completely, leaving two deep cuts on the back of my hand - so deep they seemed to go down to the bone. Then she put the pieces of skin back in place and bandaged the arm up. And I actually woke up with a sore right arm, like I'd been sleeping on it in an awkward position. I wonder if that was the cause - maybe I'd been sleeping uncomfortably on my arm and my brain decided to explain the discomfort in as unpleasant a way as it could come up with.
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