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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 51: Covered in fake jizz 
9th-Mar-2011 12:05 pm
Ooh, we're near the end of the second year of my Twitter feed. So in a couple of weeks' time the title of my tweet roundups will be changing again, do try to contain yourselves. I've been tweeting a bit more this last week, largely thanks to watching some of the Comic Relief "24 Hour Panel People" online telethon and commenting as I went. Mainly on the bits with Russell Tovey guesting. What? Don't act like you expected anything else.

So I guess iPods are like phones, every recharge lasts a bit less than the last. Except I don't get a new one free every 18 months :(
11:01 AM Mar 2nd via txt

This bloke in the street looked like Harvey from Sabrina. If he'd got fat but was still cute.
7:40 PM Mar 2nd via txt

Of course it wasn't really him. Why would Harvey be at London Bridge? He's too busy showering.
7:41 PM Mar 2nd via txt

Don't look at me like that; if you look a bit like Anthony Costa I reserve the right to be worried you might start pissing everywhere.
9:54 AM Mar 3rd via txt

The internet can be a boring place when you don't give a shit about Charlie Sheen.
2:45 PM Mar 4th via web

Sleb Spot: one of the Janines from off of Eastenders. The cliff-death one, if that happened. I don't watch Eastenders. Old Compton St.
6:38 PM Mar 4th via txt

Being Human Spot: Bryan Dick at Soho Theatre.
8:32 PM Mar 4th via txt

Sunshine! Quick, get some vitamin... whatever vitamin it is!
1:46 PM Mar 5th via txt

@nick00031 I'm thinking of giving it a rest until Tovey time. #24pp
8:58 PM Mar 5th via web in reply to nick00031

@pretinama Online http://tinyurl.com/4mcmr8l Germaine Greer currently sitting in between Jedward #24pp
10:10 PM Mar 5th via web in reply to pretinama

The scary thing is, someone on fmforums just got very aroused at John from Jedward covered in fake jizz. #24pp
10:25 PM Mar 5th via web

"Did you know, some people in Africa walk up to 8 miles a day just to get away from Lenny Henry." Heh. #24pp
10:34 PM Mar 5th via web

I really thought she was going to have to check the card to see what her name was there. #24pp
12:46 AM Mar 6th via web

Thanks, QI, for giving @russelltovey another opportunity to talk about cocks for my amusement #24pp
1:25 AM Mar 6th via web

Bless Tovey's permanent expression of confusion. #24pp
1:50 AM Mar 6th via web

Trufax: Every time they cut to the "pod" viewers demand that Comic Relief text them their fiver back. #24pp
2:01 AM Mar 6th via web

.@russelltovey says "This is a tight one." Honestly, I don't even need to bother with the punchlines any more. #24pp
2:25 AM Mar 6th via web

My plan to be awake for Tovey's second #24pp stint was slightly scuppered, by my not being awake for it.
1:04 PM Mar 6th via web

I woke up just in time to see his team lose. But he was team captain, a position of authority, some folks might like that #totallydontmeanme
1:06 PM Mar 6th via web

@nick00031 There must be another showing of them planned though, or why would they shoot pickups? #24pp
1:22 PM Mar 6th via web in reply to nick00031

@nick00031 Fine by me, less HIGNFY = more Tovey asking Stephen Fry awkward questions on QI #24pp
1:26 PM Mar 6th via web in reply to nick00031

@nick00031 And if the whole panel basically wanting to hump his leg doesn't make the edit I'll be sorely disappointed. #24pp
1:30 PM Mar 6th via web

@nick00031 With the bit where he demonstrated his cock size on the palm of his hand as a special feature. #24pp
1:36 PM Mar 6th via web

@nick00031 Well I certainly hope someone's making a gif as we speak. Where are the fmf cappers when you need them?
1:38 PM Mar 6th via web

@pretinama I skipped Argumental so I'd be fresh for QI LOL. At least I caught all of that.
2:26 PM Mar 6th via web in reply to pretinama

So are you going to behave yourself today, 3 broadband?
8:49 AM Mar 8th via web

What is this new trend at my gym for massive, undisguised burps? If they start coming out the other end I'll be most unimpressed.
11:06 AM Mar 8th via txt

Filled in my census form - well that was underwhelming. See that Whelmed? That's me under it.
2:02 PM Mar 8th via web

Lube The One You're With #changelovetolubesongs
2:48 PM Mar 8th via web

Puppy Lube #changelovetolubesongs #justmademyselfabitsickinmymouth
2:49 PM Mar 8th via web

A Woman In Lube #changelovetolubesongs
2:51 PM Mar 8th via web

Lubing You Is Easy 'Cause You're Beautiful #changelovetolubesongs
2:55 PM Mar 8th via web
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