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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Telling you about his hamfatter 
13th-Mar-2011 12:55 pm
A bit of a double bill on the lowculture front page from me today, as I'm reminding you (as if you needed reminding) about the Being Human finale "The Wolf-Shaped Bullet" tonight at 9. Mainly though today's article is about 24 Hour Panel People - if you follow my Twitter feed you might remember I was watching some of that live last weekend. The highlights shows start tonight and from what I saw should be fun; the shows are scheduled for quite late so hopefully some of the smuttier stuff will be left in. It's also a chance to see more Russell Tovey as he appeared on the 24pp versions of QI and Call My Bluff. The latter started with him having to define the word "hamfatter," which'll do as a vaguely dirty-sounding line. (Wasn't that also the name of the notorious Dragon's Den band?) If the highlights include Celebrity Juice though prepare to feel sorry for David Walliams as he tries to get through a 24 hour panel show marathon while Jedward are there being... well, being Jedward: Jedward to the left of her, Jedward to the right.
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