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Tweet and lowdown 52: Dumpy bridesmaids

Another reasonably quiet week of Tweets from me for the final "Tweet and lowdown" roundup:

My South Pacific tickets have arrived IN A WHITE ENVELOPE! O Barbican, where be thy trademark orange envelopes?
11:52 AM Mar 9th via web

Oh, the iPod's gone all Sondheim - The Ballad of Guiteau followed by Losing My Mind.
2:03 PM Mar 9th via txt

The trouble with traverse staging: If there's a super-hot audience member opposite it's hard to pay attention to the play.
9:21 PM Mar 9th via txt

Sleb Spot: Timothy West, off Covent Garden.
5:30 PM Mar 10th via txt

Theatrical Spot: @mrsteviewebb striding purposefully up Shaftesbury Ave.
6:52 PM Mar 10th via txt

this next one is re Josie Rourke taking over the Donmar:
@3rdspearcarrier It's a very different artistic remit to the Bush so should be interesting to see what she does there.
12:35 AM Mar 11th via web in reply to 3rdspearcarrier

@3rdspearcarrier Although I still think it'd have been hilarious if they'd let Neil LaBute have it like he wanted.
12:36 AM Mar 11th via web in reply to 3rdspearcarrier

Well my sister's Japanese friends have contacted her to say they're all right, so that's something I guess.
11:48 AM Mar 11th via web

Sleb Spot: a Nolan at Riverside Studios. Fuck knows which one - I'm not *that* gay.
7:22 PM Mar 11th via txt

@pretinama I'm not you know. I'm gay enough to tell the Treadaway twins apart but I don't have face recognition to spare on the Nolans.
9:42 PM Mar 11th via txt

Isn't Inspector Sands code for fire? If so, North Greenwich Tube needs an extinguisher in the operations room.
9:44 PM Mar 11th via txt

Trying to work out where the smell of spliff on the bus is coming from. I think it's the girl in the back row with a spliff in her mouth.
9:58 PM Mar 11th via txt

Bumped into Jan & Dave near Charing Cross; see, That London is just a village really.
2:52 PM Mar 12th via txt

It's simply not true that brides choose dumpy bridesmaids to make themselves look better. Oh look, a hen party. Wait, it's totally true.
3:05 PM Mar 12th via txt

I'd say at least Katie Price can make fun of herself but I doubt she knows what any of the words she's saying mean. #letsdance
7:26 PM Mar 12th via web

I've never seen this Alex woman presenting anything before. Please may I never see her presenting anything again. #letsdance
8:12 PM Mar 12th via web

*phew* if Clybourne Park hadn't won it would have been a joke. #olivierawards
8:28 PM Mar 13th via web

And not a joke about a tampon, either. #olivierawards
8:29 PM Mar 13th via web

Seriously though, Official London Theatre email list? You're trying to sell me Christmas shows in March?
12:39 PM Mar 15th via web
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