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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 
23rd-Mar-2011 02:01 pm
Right then, my second Twitterversary was this week so here we go again with a weekly roundup. You may notice a tweet saying I came as close as I ever have to passing out in the gym - my personal trainer retweeted it. Yep, that's his idea of a ringing endorsement, so now you know what I'm up against. Not that I was surprised, in the past he's proudly told me about how he made the person before me throw up. So far I haven't thrown up or actually passed out but I'm sure he'll keep trying. Speaking of retweets, after I sleb spotted Ella Smith in That London, she later retweeted it herself. Apparently the phone call she was on was her booking a wax, which I think goes into the too much information category. At least she didn't tweet what she was having waxed - maybe she just likes to make candles as a hobby.

Last night I dreamed that Miley Cyrus was asking me for advice on dealing with fame. I knew it must be a dream 'cause she wasn't annoying.
3:23 PM Mar 16th via web

So... next week's Secret Diary of a Skanky Billie Piper has Iwan Rheon tied to a bed? Hmm, wonder if I might watch that...
12:46 PM Mar 17th via web

I think today's the closest I've come to passing out in the gym.
10:22 AM Mar 18th via txt

It's my Twitterversary today! Two years of wasting my time and yours.
11:23 AM Mar 18th via web

There's a man on the tube so supernaturally attractive it actually makes me a bit sad.
7:11 PM Mar 18th via txt

Lengthy exposition by Reggie Yates: Posssibly not the wisest way to start #frankensteinswedding
8:04 PM Mar 19th via web

Hey, someone's given Spare History Boy a job! #frankensteinswedding
8:25 PM Mar 19th via web

Aw boo, I was enjoying choral "Tainted Love" #frankensteinswedding
8:54 PM Mar 19th via web

I *heart* Jemima Rooper, but she looks like Noel Fielding in drag in that frock #frankensteinswedding
9:05 PM Mar 19th via web

And now it's Neville Longbottom's brother. Oh, I'm basically just pointing at the cast and saying who they are now. #frankensteinswedding
9:16 PM Mar 19th via web

I like how the wedding band were sitting in the background and didn't intervene. That's the Big Society for you #frankensteinswedding
9:26 PM Mar 19th via web

Please, someone set her spirit free so she'll shut up. #frankensteinswedding
9:26 PM Mar 19th via web

@emslj it had its moments but didn't grab me like I expected it to, not sure why.
9:30 PM Mar 19th via web in reply to emslj

ZOMG Lindsay Duncan is playing Matt Smith's mum again? Will he put her dress on and piss himself again? #christopher
9:35 PM Mar 19th via web

@emslj It might just be me, two Frankensteins in a week might be a bit much.
9:36 PM Mar 19th via web in reply to emslj

Dear 3 Broadband: Trips down memory lane can be fun but I wasn't actually nostalgic for the speed of dialup, you can stop that now.
11:23 AM Mar 20th via web

Practically counting down the hours until I'm allowed carbs again tomorrow.
5:26 PM Mar 20th via web

@pretinama personal trainer's idea, to give the weight loss another kickstart. Not that bad mostly but I'm near the end & getting cranky LOL
6:26 PM Mar 20th via txt

WTF happened to my digital signal just then? Was that supermoon's superpower, it fucked up my telly? It's back to normal now fingers x'd.
7:18 PM Mar 20th via web

Booked to see Kafka's Monkey again - should slightly make up for Kathryn Hunter's defection from The EnsembleTM.
11:43 AM Mar 21st via web

Theatrical Spot: Ella Smith talking on her mobile, Covent Garden.
6:23 PM Mar 21st via txt
23rd-Mar-2011 06:29 pm (UTC)
Happy Tweet anniversary. I have a Twitter account but never found is as friendly a place like Facebook
23rd-Mar-2011 11:07 pm (UTC)
Whereas Facebook almost literally gives me a rash.
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