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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 2: "Unexpected Item In Bagging Area" 
30th-Mar-2011 12:06 pm
I'm going for "quality not quantity" as my excuse for how little I've tweeted this week...

Of course, this sunshine isn't expected to last until Saturday when I could really do with it...
9:28 AM Mar 24th via txt

Rebecca Black will be spending this #friday night in remedial English classes. Turns out "we we we so excited" is shocking grammar.
12:52 PM Mar 25th via web

Right, that's it then: I've put in my application for the course I really want to do. *feeling of nausea*
2:53 PM Mar 25th via web

My #beinghuman S3 DVDs have arrived. Yay - but that cover picture remains bloody awful.
11:48 AM Mar 26th via web

Alex: "That's going at some speed, that boat!" Me: "It's a speedboat."
6:26 PM Mar 26th via txt

Funny how the people who had a starter are always the ones who want to split the bill equally.
1:05 PM Mar 27th via web

The cast of Coming of Age trying to be funny in 15 seconds. Well if they haven't managed it in 3 series I don't see what chance they have.
8:05 PM Mar 27th via web

@3rdspearcarrier THEY CANCELLED PULLING IN FAVOUR OF COA! This will never be forgotten/forgiven.
8:18 PM Mar 27th via web in reply to 3rdspearcarrier

French Connection's "You are woman?" tagline: Is questioning your customers' gender really such a great marketing strategy?
6:09 PM Mar 28th via txt

"Ring of Steel for Royal Wedding" screams the Standard. I didn't actually need to know where Wills'll be putting it afterwards, thanks.
11:10 PM Mar 28th via web

Anita Dobson as Bette Davis? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha boink.
1:38 PM Mar 29th via web

Sweet zombie Jesus, Tesco Mary's got an album out! It's called "Unexpected Item In Bagging Area." I think. I had to look away to be honest.
6:58 PM Mar 29th via txt

@pretinama From off of X Factor. I don't think you get that in Milton Keynes.
7:24 PM Mar 29th via txt

Think I should have trusted my instincts re: Kneehigh. Just not convinced whimsy is something you need to be bashed over the head with.
8:59 PM Mar 29th via txt
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