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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 3: 5000 
6th-Apr-2011 10:35 pm
Another week, another Twitter milestone for me. Despite constantly saying I don't tweet as much as I used to, I still seem to have racked up 5000 tweets somehow or other. Quick, before Livejournal fecking crashes again, let's have this week's roundup:

To be honest, Twitter, I think you've left it a bit late to recommend I follow Elizabeth Taylor.
12:22 AM Mar 30th via web

About once a year I look in the mirror and think I look borderline attractive. There's never anyone else around to catch the moment.
10:33 PM Mar 30th via txt

Unfortunate company name: "FML Solutions"
9:49 AM Mar 31st via txt

Belated Theatrical Spot (forgot to tweet it last night when I switched my phone back on) - Siobhan Redmond at the Menier.
4:23 PM Mar 31st via web

One hand holding a phone, the other adjusting the mirror: You know that painting your car like Herbie doesn't make it drive itself, right?
5:40 PM Mar 31st via txt

I know I'm following the right people when my timeline has more people bah-humbugging about April Fool "LOLarity" than actually doing pranks
3:37 PM Apr 1st via web

Dear cute boy complaining about bloke standing you up: I would be happy to help.
7:12 PM Apr 1st via txt

Two nights in a row I've been on The Cut without spotting any famouses. THIS IS WHAT ARTS #cuts LEAD TO!
7:20 PM Apr 1st via txt

When even an audience almost entirely made up of friends of the cast can't force out a laugh, you know you're in trouble.
9:41 PM Apr 1st via txt

@pretinama You'd be wrong. It was the EIGHT short plays from heck :(
10:40 PM Apr 1st via web in reply to pretinama

Corrie's on the gym TV. Has Chris Fountain been dipped in gravy?
10:35 AM Apr 2nd via txt

Come to think of it - Chris Fountain dipped in gravy... That could work.
10:37 AM Apr 2nd via txt

If I iron a few T-shirts in anticipation of the warmer weather, is that tempting fate too much?
1:56 PM Apr 3rd via web

My 5000th tweet! Oh no that's fine, no need to make a cake, really.
5:05 PM Apr 4th via web

Woo, after a bad start, won the first game with 116 #bowling
8:47 PM Apr 4th via txt

@3rdspearcarrier And re: Jermyn St, are you suggesting there's something unusual about having the audience's toilets onstage?
11:03 PM Apr 4th via web in reply to 3rdspearcarrier

Jason Ritter's face is getting chubbier, he's looking ever more uncannily like his dad. It's making it hard to fancy him, tbh. #theevent
1:47 PM Apr 5th via web

@merseytart Yes I can be quite resilient in these things. Maybe if he got his shirt off again, it's been a while.
1:52 PM Apr 5th via web in reply to merseytart

@D_Hollingsworth I'm only really sticking with it 'cause it's got almost no chance of a second series so I know there's not long to go.
1:54 PM Apr 5th via web in reply to D_Hollingsworth

@D_Hollingsworth I find them OK at resolving storylines, it's starting new ones I give a shit about they're a bit shakier on.
2:01 PM Apr 5th via web in reply to D_Hollingsworth

So it's true, man-cleavage is "in" this summer. Of course, this WOULD coincide with me getting grey chest-hair.
7:08 PM Apr 5th via txt
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