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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 4: Yellow liquid 
13th-Apr-2011 01:48 pm
This week a lot of namedropping on my Twitter feed - turns out Sundays are particularly good for spotting theatricals around the National. The Royal Court's as good as ever for that, although that's mainly the actors actually appearing in shows there. (No sign of Iwan Rheon though *sadface*) Also, turns out I've lost weight - if you could try and show more enthusiasm about this than my Twitter followers did that would be much appreciated.

Jeez, LiveJournal is a fucking car crash lately.
11:33 AM Apr 6th via web

How the frack is it still this warm at 6pm in April?
6:06 PM Apr 6th via txt

WHY would anyone get a nose piercing that just looks like snot, WHY?
8:33 PM Apr 6th via txt

Does the new Diesel ad really say "Diesel Island - Land of the Stupid?" When did insulting your customers become marketing gold?
10:01 PM Apr 6th via txt

Woo! Thought I'd lost about 6-7 lbs since Jan. According to the doctor's scales it's more like 10!
3:32 PM Apr 7th via txt

Personal trainer has announced a new 12-week plan. They're like Stalin's 5-Year Plans, but not as humane.
12:55 PM Apr 8th via web

@nick00031 Marketing at the moment is confusing me. What with this, plus FCUK's "you iz tranny or what?" ads.
4:25 PM Apr 8th via web in reply to nick00031

Whoo, my tickets for the Tennant/Tate Much Ado have arrived.
11:10 AM Apr 9th via web

@BeeLikeJ I reckon you should be able to get one; how much it'll cost may be a different matter (that's why I got mine early.)
11:29 AM Apr 9th via web in reply to BeeLikeJ

Theatrical Spot: Tom Burke, outside the National.
2:09 PM Apr 10th via txt

Also at the National, outside the Olivier: Stephen Campbell Moore. I'm counting it as a bonus History Boy Spot.
2:36 PM Apr 10th via txt

Oh, and the woman he's with is whatserface. You know. Her. Little Dorrit. She's feeding him crisps. Claire Foy, is that it?
2:39 PM Apr 10th via txt

And now Dexter Fletcher. It's all go at the National today.
5:13 PM Apr 10th via txt

The Walking Dead was indeed fab but it made me feel dirty: It broke my over-ten-years' record of not watching Channel 5.
11:36 AM Apr 11th via web

Sleb Spot: Sam Kelly from 'Allo 'Allo, King's Road.
6:00 PM Apr 11th via txt

Theatrical Spot: Luke Norris walking AWAY from the Royal Court. Hope he's back in time to strip to his pants in his show.
6:20 PM Apr 11th via txt

Oh I do hope that water-bottle full of yellow liquid rolling along the bus floor isn't what it looks like.
6:42 PM Apr 12th via txt

Theatrical Spot: Jack Laskey at Young Vic bar. Looks like he might have been the one who was ill but then again... he usually does.
7:26 PM Apr 12th via txt

I've seen audience members fall asleep in the theatre before, but one of the cast doing it is a first, I think.
11:52 PM Apr 12th via web
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