nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Evolution is the solution

Odd, I didn't expect to be writing about Supernanny again so soon. But I did feel sorry for her last night, trying to help a family run by a huge, terrifying Dad covered in tattoos, whose approach to raising kids was along the lines of "Children should be seen and not heard. Although ideally they shouldn't be seen either." The kids were cowed and afraid to enjoy themselves if he was in the house, and yet the parents were puzzled as to exactly why they turned into Satan the minute he was gone. His aggression extended to Jo Frost herself, clearly furious that she should come into his house and (after eating all the food) tell him to do something as grotesque as acknowledging his children's existence.

However against these odds, Supernanny not only dished out advice as usual, but also managed to add to her repertoire of mangling the English language. Yes, from the woman who brought you "thass unasseptible!" comes her latest hit:

"The world doesn't evolve around you!"
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