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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
15th-Apr-2011 04:04 pm
After last week's "something for Friday" post nearly caused triomakesmehot to have an accident I figured maybe something a bit more calming might be in order. But I've come up with this instead. Actually Jamie should be fine, this first one should be totally safe (and meaningless) unless you're British and roughly my age. Even then I think it's just the fact that I watched it moments after waking up from a nap, when I was still a bit disorientated, that the combination of one old TV show's theme tune with another old TV show's images freaked me the fuck out. I was really confused about whether I was actually still asleep or not for a moment:

I mean.... why, would you even do this? Once I'm done being confused by Thomas the Tank Engine, I'm mainly amused by the fact that there actually is such a thing as a full-length version of the Going for Gold theme. I love the optimism of "you know, just in case it becomes a breakaway pop hit."

A couple of weeks ago I inflicted Rebecca Black's "Friday" upon you; here it is with the lyrics reinterpreted by a bad lip-reader. It's funny and also, you know - better.

And finally an actual proper song to try and clear your brains of all that madness, here's Ed Drewett singing "Vital Signs":

Happy weekend And That!
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