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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Theatre review: Moonlight 
21st-Apr-2011 10:30 pm
I generally enjoy Pinter but 1993's Moonlight, currently revived at the Donmar Warehouse by Bijan Sheibani is the writer at his most wilfully obscure. On one side of the stage is Andy (David Bradley,) remembering his life on his deathbed with his wife Bel (Deborah Findley.) Bel says she's been unable to find their two sons and bring them back to see Andy before he dies but in fact they're holed up in a filthy flat somewhere: On the other side of the stage we see the estranged sons (Daniel Mays and Liam Garrigan) who communicate entirely in nonsense stories which feature coded references to their father's situation. Occasionally the ghost of a third child (Lisa Diveney) appears, as do the couple whom Andy and Bel had had affairs with at some point in the past (Carol Royle and Paul Shelley.)

While the dialogue is recognisably Pinteresque, the style of the play is atypical and, for me, not in an interesting way. The saving grace is how well Bradley and Findlay perform together, they perfectly match each other and bring life to the difficult lines. No amount of effort from Mays and Garrigan though can help the fact that their dialogue is entirely spoken in code. Although only 75 minutes long it's hard work and doesn't ultimately reward you for it.

Moonlight by Harold Pinter is booking until the 28th of May at the Donmar Warehouse.
29th-May-2011 04:58 pm (UTC)
*stumbles in* Hello. I saw this on Thursday and I agree with all you've said. I felt the play had nothing at its heart, nothing to teach me other than failed parenting makes for lonely deathbeds and miserable children.

♥ Daniel Mays, though.
30th-May-2011 11:24 am (UTC)
Unfortunately my theatre companion for the evening had never seen a Pinter before, and now probably won't see one again.
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