nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Book review: Leave it to Psmith

Continuing my attempt to make up for the shortfall in my PG Wodehouse reading, I next went for one of the Blandings novels, Leave it to Psmith. This being Wodehouse, Blandings is a castle populated by eccentrics, and the main plot revolves around the numerous people trying to steal a very valuable necklace - including a couple of people who, technically, already own it. I found it pretty funny, in fact I enjoyed it a lot more than the short story collection I read previously. Possibly because it meant no recycling the same three plots several times; or maybe because there's just the one set of obascenely rich toffs complaining about being broke all the time, so you don't have to be infuriated by a fresh set of them every story. Either way I think I may stick to Wodehouse's novels rather than the short stories if this is anything to go by.
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