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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 6: Vive La Terribly Middle Class Revolution 
27th-Apr-2011 07:15 pm
This week on Twitter, I have mostly been perving at people in the warm weather, and being DISTURBED AND HORRIFIED by Don't Scare the Hare.

Of course, the *second* I buy new shorts, it starts to cloud over.
2:06 PM Apr 21st via txt

My iPod thinks it's funny - it ALWAYS plays Jane Wiedlin's "Rush Hour" when I'm stuck in traffic.
5:33 PM Apr 21st via txt

I think I shall walk across Blackheath. Totally for my health & not all the toplessness on show, obvs.
1:26 PM Apr 22nd via txt

@nick00031 well you do need the right weather, there's no nippleage in February. It's not Newcastle.
1:32 PM Apr 22nd via txt

And here comes the daily hayfever sneezing fit, regular as clockwork.
5:09 PM Apr 22nd via web

I should always come to Arcola Studio 2 when there's no show in Studio 1, the bar area's much less horrific.
7:53 PM Apr 22nd via txt

Oh classy - ignoring your mate puking on the tube 'cause you've seen a pretty girl to chat up. Bet she's moist from the romance of it all.
10:33 PM Apr 22nd via txt

I am huddled in a corner, shaking & confused #dontscarethehare
5:38 PM Apr 23rd via txt

@pretinama it's being broadcast direct from inside someone's nervous breakdown #dontscarethehare
5:44 PM Apr 23rd via txt

What? The theatre's so full ON EASTER MONDAY that I'm actually having to sit in the seat I paid for? THE HORROR!
7:05 PM Apr 25th via txt

Heh, the cheap seats rebelled & upgraded ourselves en masse. Vive La Terribly Middle Class Revolution.
8:51 PM Apr 25th via txt

Theatrical Spot: Sam Swann at Southwark Playhouse bar. Polar bear not present.
7:24 PM Apr 26th via txt

Your Royal Wedding guest name = 'Lady/Lord' + grandparent's first name + first pet, double-barrelled with street you grew up on.
10:57 PM Apr 26th via web

My Royal Wedding guest name: Lord Wallace Humphrey-Justinian. Admit it, I win.
10:58 PM Apr 26th via web
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