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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 8: Something very wrong 
11th-May-2011 12:07 pm
Yet another low-key Twitter week for me although this Saturday is Eurovision so there's a good chance I'll be making up for it by tweeting horrified reactions every other second...

@emslj Somehow I don't believe that EVEN DANIEL BOYS can out-sexy Kevin Guthrie as Peter Pan.
2:58 PM May 4th via web in reply to emslj

Is turning the front of Queen Elizabeth Hall into a curry house "Art?" Or is it just a curry house? I don't think I get Art.
6:03 PM May 4th via txt

How do people pronounce the food shop EAT.? I say Eat Full Stop. Eat Period sounds like something else. Something very wrong.
6:32 PM May 4th via txt

Udderbelly has giant Connect 4 for the kids. Needless to say, no child can get near it. GO AWAY, GROWNUPS ARE PLAYING!
7:02 PM May 4th via txt

It's always a bit sad when you go into the polling booth and the people there are surprised to see anyone's actually turned up #yes2av
11:17 AM May 5th via web

Celesbian Spot: Fiona Shaw, Young Vic.
8:55 PM May 5th via txt

Arthur Darvill's playing Mephistopheles at the Globe? *fans self in advance*
3:33 PM May 6th via web

And there's me not seeing it until September... *sadface*
3:35 PM May 6th via web

I'll never understand people who bark with laughter at lines that are, at best, wryly amusing.
9:00 PM May 6th via txt

@nick00031 "Don't worry uncle, we shall finally find happiness in death." "Haw haw haw my sides!"
10:23 PM May 6th via txt

So many people are texting to ask how my interview (which isn't until next week) went, even I'm starting to wonder if it's already happened.
2:48 PM May 7th via web

Pirates are all well and good, but next week can #doctorwho please save the universe from that FUCKING HARE?
8:46 PM May 7th via web
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