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Book review: Dead as a Doornail

I did mention a couple of weeks ago how a book I read had some superficial similarities to the Sookie Stackhouse books so with a long train trip to Stratford on the cards I picked the next of these as light travel reading. "Light" being the operative word - the books are pretty much fluff but at least they're happy to be so. I know that loads of people adore the TV adaptaion True Blood and I did try to like it but yeesh, it does take itself seriously for a story about vampires bonking breasty barmaids; and it's sooooooooooo slow. Anyway, Dead as a Doornail is the fifth book, and carries on from the previous one where Jason got bitten by a Were. So I was surprised how little Jason actually features, given he turns into a panther for the first time in this book, you'd think his reaction might have been of interest but it turns out he quite likes it so there we are. Charlaine Harris has also given up on any attempt at the whodunnit element, a new character arrives out of nowhere and plays no part in the story except to have Sookie repeatedly think she should get to know more about them; gosh I wonder if they're the killer. I'd suspect the obviousness was a joke if it wasn't for the fact that Harris usually informs you when something's a joke, by having her narrator tell you it's funny. It's not one of the stronger books in the series but still silly fun, as the ongoing quest continues to see how many improbably handsome supernatural men can thrust their nipples into Sookie's face because they're so irresistibly attracted to her.
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