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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 10: She's not aroused 
25th-May-2011 12:38 pm
This week I finally upgraded my mobile to a smartphone that I can use Twitter from on the move. So obviously this'll change the nature of my tweets drastically: The same uninspiring comments, but now posted in a completely different way! Try to contain your excitement. Also, last Saturday at 6pm was meant to be the Rapture. If so, a lot of people got left behind. As in, everyone.

Well I for one am relieved that Baroness Gaga's most recent two songs aren't as shit as the two before them.
1:39 PM May 18th via web

Sleb Spot: Oliver Chris on his mobile, outside the National. Hnghrgbjdflgrngh.
5:22 PM May 18th via txt

Sleb Spot: Niamh Cusack, EatFullStop S. Bank. Very wet. I mean it's raining, she's not aroused.
6:11 PM May 18th via txt

@emslj She gets around then! Again, no reflection on her level of arousal.
6:34 PM May 18th via txt

Caught up with the #apprentice. Inevitable, but still: WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:12 AM May 19th via web

New phone! Attempting to tweet from it. Succeeding. (Well you wouldn't see this if I failed...)
3:29 PM May 20th via Ovi by Nokia

Wow, I must be in a good mood, singing along to Queen's "Breakthru" isn't usually me.
8:59 AM May 21st via Ovi by Nokia

Now that Romeo & Juliet's Erotic Boutique has shut, my favourite Stratford UA shop is Iago Jewellers. Good for making people jealous.
12:15 PM May 21st via Ovi by Nokia

Though I still think it should be a handkerchief shop.
12:16 PM May 21st via Ovi by Nokia

@3rdspearcarrier Personally, "Much Ado About Toys" wins my slow-handclap "least effort made" award.
12:21 PM May 21st via Ovi by Nokia

This train is full of Americans and none of them got Raptured.
6:19 PM May 21st via Ovi by Nokia

Spent 2hr train journey home chatting to US students. Yes, I did tell them they're conforming to stereotype by starting chat with strangers.
8:30 PM May 21st via Ovi by Nokia

Oh come on Donmar priority booking, play fair. You make me get up first thing Sunday morning AND the phone lines then instantly crash?
9:12 AM May 22nd via Ovi by Nokia

Phew! Well it took two hours but I got my tickets for Ogling Eddie Redmayne In A Small Theatre. Sorry, that should read Richard II.
11:03 AM May 22nd via web

I wonder if Gillian Anderson can even put on an American accent any more. #bafta
9:09 PM May 22nd via web

"Cat muff-diving a wet housewife." Well you can't say spam subject lines aren't inventive.
9:52 PM May 22nd via web

Seeing everyone terrified that they might have got the Olympic tickets they applied for reminds me why I didn't bother.
1:08 PM May 24th via Ovi by Nokia

@pretinama Also, having the money withdrawn before you find out what you've just paid for? Mental.
1:32 PM May 24th via txt

@OughtToBeClowns Did you know Southwark Playhouse have stuck a quote from your Antigone review on the wall? These glory-hunting bloggers...
7:26 PM May 24th via txt

Woman wide enough to block entire exit door: Don't look so surprised that you have to move aside every time the bus stops.
10:10 PM May 24th via txt
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