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We the Tweeple 11: A towel turban

So we're in June and, touch wood, at the moment we're even having the weather for it. But here's the last batch of my tweets from May, in which I spotted some slebs, ranted about some X Factor people and went to a barbecue where Dave was, as usual, a mental.

Sleb Spot: Paul "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" Freeman on Waterloo Bridge. Guess it must be a Holy Rosenbergs day.
6:06 PM May 25th via txt

Sleb Spot: Oliver Chris again, South Bank. He tall.
6:23 PM May 25th via txt

Oh dear, I avoid Twitter so I don't get Apprentice-spoiled, and it turns out the person who got fired is Cheryl Cole. #cherylfreude
9:33 AM May 26th via trill

Get Alistair Griffin's song Save This Day (ed buller mix) for free in exchange for one tweet: #TFAT
3:13 PM May 26th via Tweet For A Track

Whoa, I knew it was raining but didn't realise thunder and lightning were on the cards as well!
3:23 PM May 26th via web

No that's fine, cute Tube guy, feel free to continue stalking me.
6:04 PM May 26th via txt

Actually that was one of my more aesthetically pleasing Tube journeys for a while, also featuring a blond policeman with big arms.
6:22 PM May 26th via txt

A woman on the bus just kissed a laminated photo of Olly MURS. Kill it with fire!
11:14 PM May 26th via txt

Seeing a matinee can be weird, I feel like I just got out of last night's show. Actually wait, last night's was so long, I DID just get out.
1:41 PM May 27th via txt

Oh no, Matt Tebbutt's doing Saturday Kitchen today. How am I supposed to look away from the screen long enough to do cardio?
10:03 AM May 28th via Ovi by Nokia

The couch has disappeared from the pub. So have all the condoms. What sick depravities have occurred?
7:48 PM May 28th via txt

Apart from the ending, I'm struggling to see what everyone liked so much about the #doctorwho two-parter.
10:06 AM May 29th via web

@D_Hollingsworth I've seen worse, I just found it a bit dull, & hard to care about the characters.
10:53 AM May 29th via Ovi by Nokia

Don't be fooled by the nice weather; I'm at a barbecue so it'll rain any minute.
2:34 PM May 29th via Ovi by Nokia

Quote of the day: "Jedward, they're the ones with the beards, aren't they? Except they go upwards."
7:48 PM May 29th via Ovi by Nokia

David went off to wash his hair. We all predicted he'd come back with a towel turban. We were right.
7:56 PM May 29th via Ovi by Nokia

Lovely day out but had to make a move or I'd be getting home v late. These long days are deceptive, it's light out so you think it's daytime
9:08 PM May 29th via Ovi by Nokia

Hmm, no programme or cast list. So my review will feature insights like "this role was played by a man with hair and a face."
7:15 PM May 30th via Ovi by Nokia

So we get a bit of sun today, just now at the end... Well it is nearly June.
7:31 PM May 31st via Ovi by Nokia

Riverside Studios have a lot of attractive staff. I'd tut, except if I was in a position to give people jobs that'd be my hiring policy too.
7:37 PM May 31st via Ovi by Nokia
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