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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 11: A towel turban 
1st-Jun-2011 02:12 pm
So we're in June and, touch wood, at the moment we're even having the weather for it. But here's the last batch of my tweets from May, in which I spotted some slebs, ranted about some X Factor people and went to a barbecue where Dave was, as usual, a mental.

Sleb Spot: Paul "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" Freeman on Waterloo Bridge. Guess it must be a Holy Rosenbergs day.
6:06 PM May 25th via txt

Sleb Spot: Oliver Chris again, South Bank. He tall.
6:23 PM May 25th via txt

Oh dear, I avoid Twitter so I don't get Apprentice-spoiled, and it turns out the person who got fired is Cheryl Cole. #cherylfreude
9:33 AM May 26th via trill

Get Alistair Griffin's song Save This Day (ed buller mix) for free in exchange for one tweet: http://trkurl.com/CbFtXQ #TFAT
3:13 PM May 26th via Tweet For A Track

Whoa, I knew it was raining but didn't realise thunder and lightning were on the cards as well!
3:23 PM May 26th via web

No that's fine, cute Tube guy, feel free to continue stalking me.
6:04 PM May 26th via txt

Actually that was one of my more aesthetically pleasing Tube journeys for a while, also featuring a blond policeman with big arms.
6:22 PM May 26th via txt

A woman on the bus just kissed a laminated photo of Olly MURS. Kill it with fire!
11:14 PM May 26th via txt

Seeing a matinee can be weird, I feel like I just got out of last night's show. Actually wait, last night's was so long, I DID just get out.
1:41 PM May 27th via txt

Oh no, Matt Tebbutt's doing Saturday Kitchen today. How am I supposed to look away from the screen long enough to do cardio?
10:03 AM May 28th via Ovi by Nokia

The couch has disappeared from the pub. So have all the condoms. What sick depravities have occurred?
7:48 PM May 28th via txt

Apart from the ending, I'm struggling to see what everyone liked so much about the #doctorwho two-parter.
10:06 AM May 29th via web

@D_Hollingsworth I've seen worse, I just found it a bit dull, & hard to care about the characters.
10:53 AM May 29th via Ovi by Nokia

Don't be fooled by the nice weather; I'm at a barbecue so it'll rain any minute.
2:34 PM May 29th via Ovi by Nokia

Quote of the day: "Jedward, they're the ones with the beards, aren't they? Except they go upwards."
7:48 PM May 29th via Ovi by Nokia

David went off to wash his hair. We all predicted he'd come back with a towel turban. We were right.
7:56 PM May 29th via Ovi by Nokia

Lovely day out but had to make a move or I'd be getting home v late. These long days are deceptive, it's light out so you think it's daytime
9:08 PM May 29th via Ovi by Nokia

Hmm, no programme or cast list. So my review will feature insights like "this role was played by a man with hair and a face."
7:15 PM May 30th via Ovi by Nokia

So we get a bit of sun today, just now at the end... Well it is nearly June.
7:31 PM May 31st via Ovi by Nokia

Riverside Studios have a lot of attractive staff. I'd tut, except if I was in a position to give people jobs that'd be my hiring policy too.
7:37 PM May 31st via Ovi by Nokia
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