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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 12: Worst. Invention. Ever. 
8th-Jun-2011 03:36 pm
So this week on Twitter, I got some not-entirely-unexpected bad news about my latest attempt to get back into theatre directing. Having failed again to go from being an audience member to being behind the scenes, I cheered myself up by buying more tickets to, er, be an audience member...

Oh, so this is the "Twitter emailing you a notification every time someone sneezes" thing everyone's been complaining about then :(
2:45 PM Jun 1st via web

Heh - Japanese people wearing surgical masks in the street. Takes me back.
6:26 PM Jun 1st via trill

Remind me, which circle of Hell is Matalan in?
2:59 PM Jun 2nd via txt

@helencairns I only wanted a towel! Why was everyone else buying clothes by weight?
3:15 PM Jun 2nd via txt

So... Nearly 3 weeks later, I finally got told I've not got a 2nd interview for the directing course :(
7:06 PM Jun 2nd via trill

@helencairns I must try not to take my frustrations out on the show I'm seeing tonight - I suspect throwing bottles...
7:24 PM Jun 2nd via trill in reply to helencairns

@helencairns ...of piss at Penelope Wilton could be misconstrued.
7:25 PM Jun 2nd via trill in reply to helencairns

It's always a relief when you see a play starring Imelda Staunton and she doesn't get her vagina out.
11:19 PM Jun 2nd via txt

Tiny suitcases on wheels whose sole purpose is to trip other commuters up. Worst. Invention. Ever. I blame the #apprentice.
7:49 PM Jun 3rd via Ovi by Nokia

I can't remember the last time it was Totty Saturday at Sainsbury's; suddenly it's a Men In Shorts special.
1:33 PM Jun 4th via Ovi by Nokia

Yay, have booked The Ladykillers for the day after my birthday.
11:49 AM Jun 6th via web

Got things to do, places to go, people to see, theatre to JUDGE MERCILESSLY...
5:08 PM Jun 6th via Ovi by Nokia

Sleb Spot: a very tanned Richard E Grant outside the Royal Court.
6:39 PM Jun 6th via Ovi by Nokia

Theatrical Spot: Dominic Rowan smoking & whistling the theme from Rocky, outside Royal Court.
6:40 PM Jun 6th via Ovi by Nokia

Sleb Spot: Harry Melling watching The Acid Test at Royal Court.
9:33 PM Jun 6th via txt

@emslj Well he is a Troughton after all, bound to do well. One of the girls in Acid Test was in Women Beware Women so there to see her.
10:09 PM Jun 6th via Ovi by Nokia

"Phone Capital FM to win concert tickets with a panoramic view of Wembley!" Translation: "They're right at the back."
10:27 AM Jun 7th via Ovi by Nokia

It's not often I actually travel further South to go to the theatre.
7:40 PM Jun 7th via Ovi by Nokia

Does the whole of Lewisham *always* smell of spliff? And I just hadn't noticed until now?
10:26 PM Jun 7th via txt
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