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We the Tweeple 13: Marley's ghost

This week on my Twitter feed: I acquire a shiny new back injury, find the world's most inappropriately-named shoe shop, order lots of theatre tickets, finally find someone who disapproves of how I dress to go to the theatre, and provoke much excitement among the Twespians by walking out of a show at the interval.

Have taken to using the steam room after gym. It's weird; sort of simultaneously pleasant and unpleasant.
10:53 AM Jun 8th via Ovi by Nokia

I've taken exams that were less stressful than booking National Theatre tickets on the day booking opens. (Got what I wanted though.)
8:43 AM Jun 9th via web

As well as the new shows at the National I decided to go see London Road again just before it closes.
3:53 PM Jun 9th via web

So according to the screen, that's now 3 consecutive 188 buses that should have left the depot but haven't quite got round to it yet.
5:09 PM Jun 9th via Ovi by Nokia

The Evening Standard has an article with the "shock discovery" that Mr Shoe is not sexy. In other news, Pope in "Catholic" shocka! #glee
11:16 PM Jun 9th via Ovi by Nokia

I make my own fun: I like to imagine Placebo's "Pure Morning" being recited by Pam Ayres.
10:53 AM Jun 10th via txt

Less lucky with Royal Court tickets today - 2 hrs after advance booking opened, all Upstairs £10 Mondays sold out :(
1:35 PM Jun 10th via web

Poster at the O2: Cliff Richard, The Soulicious Tour. Soulicious. I feel vaguely traumatised.
9:44 PM Jun 10th via txt

Eww, scabby old man on bus leering down a girl's top.
10:57 AM Jun 11th via txt

Bloody hell woman, let your daughter walk into oncoming traffic why don't you?
1:51 PM Jun 11th via txt

Punning shop names aren't always a good idea. I'm looking at you, R.Soles shoe shop.
6:16 PM Jun 13th via Ovi by Nokia

@3rdspearcarrier At last: I got a furious glare of disapproval for wearing shorts at the Royal Court.
10:31 PM Jun 13th via trill in reply to 3rdspearcarrier

Yeesh it's not quite 11am and it's already sweltering.
10:54 AM Jun 14th via txt

Dammit, I've done my back in :(
4:33 PM Jun 14th via web

This day gets worse, now dodgy tweets coming from my account... have changed my password.
4:44 PM Jun 14th via web

Can't remember the last time I left something at the interval but I couldn't face another hour + of Government Inspector.
9:03 PM Jun 14th via txt

@3rdspearcarrier @emslj Most of audience screaming with laughter at slightest thing so maybe you'll be fine. I did wonder if they were...
9:17 PM Jun 14th via Ovi by Nokia

@3rdspearcarrier @emslj ...just all Boosh fans. Combination of not finding it funny & awful audience, couldn't take any more.
9:19 PM Jun 14th via Ovi by Nokia

As well as more traditional audience crimes, tonight woman behind us rattled jewellery CONSTANTLY. Like going to theatre with Marley's ghost
9:27 PM Jun 14th via Ovi by Nokia

Group behind us also giving running commentary on everything on stage. "Pink dress!" "Food missed his mouth!"
9:29 PM Jun 14th via Ovi by Nokia
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