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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Book review: Crime 
21st-Jun-2011 01:46 pm
In some ways 2008's Crime is one of Irvine Welsh's most mainstream books, in others one of his most ambitious: The format sticks pretty strictly to a crime thriller, in which an Edinburgh policeman on holiday in Florida gets caught up trying to bust a local crime ring. It's a very dark book though, Ray's recent failure to catch a kidnapper until after he'd abused and killed a small girl still foremost on his mind. When he meets a ten-year-old girl who's being molested he makes it his mission to protect her, projecting his guilt over the dead girl, and almost single-handedly taking on a highly organised paedophile ring. Though there's a lot of action going on the real story is inside Ray's traumatised mind; he's about as close as any of Welsh's leading men get to being an out-and-out good guy so you're really rooting for him as he fears that fighting monsters will turn him into one. In many ways a really bleak book but at the same time it has redemption at its heart and is well worth reading.
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