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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
A dream in which James McAvoy accidentally drives to Wales 
22nd-Jun-2011 01:00 pm
This was a third-person dream but towards the end of it I think I joined in a bit. The dream was of a film, which may have starred James McAvoy but I'm not entirely sure; but let's say it did 'cause that's the name that sprang to mind after I woke up as I recalled the dream. This seemed to be near the end of the film and McAvoy was playing a bit of a loser character. After whatever had happened to build up this impression, the final act had his character on the phone to his brother as he drove to Scotland for a new life. But when the brother put the phone down he realised that McAvoy had been accidentally driving to Wales instead. So the brother went after him, and on arriving in Wales found McAvoy in a small cafè/restaurant. Turns out it hadn't been accidental and McAvoy had secretly been planning to buy this cafè and make a new start by running it.

He'd given the previous owner the money in cash, which had then been put in some kind of metal container about the size of a large gas canister, the sort they use on forklift trucks. This had then in turn been put in a post sack and an oldish employee had taken it outside to take to the bank. Putting it down for a second to rest, we could see outside the window as someone then ran off with the sack full of money. For some reason this seemed to be McAvoy's problem now rather than the cafè owner's; he said something about how the paperwork didn't mean a thing without the money. At this point I obviously decided to take part in the dream instead of just watching it, and realising the cafè owner was behind the whole thing, stepped in to accuse him, saying I'd seen him talking to the thief earlier. But that's as far as it got and I had the impression the film was meant to end on a downbeat note, the hint of a happy ending for this loser character snatched away at the last minute.
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