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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 14: boohoo 
22nd-Jun-2011 01:35 pm
This week on my Twitter feed: My bad back feels a bit better, I start making (theatrical, obviously) plans for my upcoming holiday, and I start talking to a biscuit as a calorie-free alternative to actually eating it. Also it seems this time last week we had pretty miserably weather for the time of year, whereas today as I look out of my window... Oh never mind.

An hour's workout seems to have really helped my bad back so what happens next? I sneeze. #ouch
10:52 AM Jun 15th via Ovi by Nokia

Why is an online dress shop called boohoo.com? Are you crying about how shit the frock you bought is?
11:20 AM Jun 15th via Ovi by Nokia

Wow, home from the theatre and it's not quite dark yet. I guess SOMETHING had to prove it's summer, if the weather won't.
9:46 PM Jun 16th via Ovi by Nokia

Notting Hill is full of tottering women in inappropriately high heels for this weather.
7:05 PM Jun 17th via txt

This new shower gel is very bright red. If anyone comes into the showers while I'm using it they'll think it's the opening scene of Carrie.
11:13 AM Jun 18th via Ovi by Nokia

Book of Mormon prices are obscene; I think I'll just wait until it comes to London, which it surely will.
6:58 PM Jun 19th via web

Have booked for Catch Me If You Can instead. #yaynewyorktriponlyafewweeksawaynow
6:59 PM Jun 19th via web

Theatrical Spot: Harry McEntire, Soho Theatre. Oddly dyed hair.
6:58 PM Jun 20th via txt

Just seen two Audis have a fender-bender. Vorsprung D'OH Technik.
9:52 AM Jun 21st via Ovi by Nokia

Oh, you come free with coffee do you, tiny biscuit? Well I shall save you until a day when I'm allowed to eat you #saynotocarbs
6:54 PM Jun 21st via Ovi by Nokia
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