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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 15: Vampires Versus Zombies 
29th-Jun-2011 12:31 pm
This week on my Twitter feed: The weather changes so suddenly I get caught out in the sun with no sunblock, and as everyone fails to get the Olympics tickets they applied for I get smug about the fact that I didn't bother applying in the first place.

Bus full of Americans discussing which Disney animals they fancy. It's like Livejournal came to life.
2:57 PM Jun 22nd via trill

"Winning Olympics tickets is like Christmas!" Where you have to pay for your own presents.
4:18 PM Jun 22nd via trill

Dear Top Secret Comedy Club: I think handing out fliers might compromise your secrecy slightly.
4:50 PM Jun 22nd via Ovi by Nokia

This is probably tempting fate but the first half of Emperor & Galilean didn't feel like nearly 2 hours.
9:03 PM Jun 22nd via txt

Reading last night's #apprentice tweets; more entertaining than the actual show this week tbh...
9:48 AM Jun 23rd via Ovi by Nokia

Having a smartphone really comes into its own when you're stuck waiting for a haircut half the morning.
9:54 AM Jun 23rd via Ovi by Nokia

What does it say about how much of a Buffy fan I still am, that I immediately recognised Jane Espenson's voice on Radio 4?
11:44 AM Jun 23rd via Ovi by Nokia

Admittedly the fact that my username contains a Buffy reference probably says even more.
11:46 AM Jun 23rd via Ovi by Nokia

I've been listening to a Radio 4 documentary, therefore I am cultured. It was called Vampires Versus Zombies BUT IT STILL COUNTS!
12:15 PM Jun 23rd via Ovi by Nokia

One of the talking heads was a philosopher called Barry. A philosopher. Called Barry.
12:19 PM Jun 23rd via Ovi by Nokia

Oh, the Old Vic Tunnels now have proper toilets. An improvement on pointing you towards the street then closing the door behind you.
7:25 PM Jun 24th via txt

An elderly Hell's Angel, white hair flowing in the wind! Awesome!
11:15 AM Jun 25th via txt

Off home earlier than usual to moisturise my poor sunburned nose. It was cold and cloudy, how was I to know I'd need sunblock?
7:16 PM Jun 25th via trill

Turns out, even in an air-conditioned room, doing a leg workout in this weather is no picnic.
10:40 AM Jun 27th via txt

"M&Ms World" in Leicester Square? Seriously, That London, what the fuck?
6:38 PM Jun 27th via Ovi by Nokia

Lend Me A Tenor The Musical seems to be attracting an audience largely consisting of The Gays. I mean, imagine that.
7:16 PM Jun 27th via Ovi by Nokia

I'm sure I just saw a tourist take a photo of a homeless man sleeping in a doorway.
10:23 PM Jun 27th via Ovi by Nokia

Booked for Decade; a 9/11 show is really not something I'd normally go see but Headlong/Goold has to make it worth a look.
10:49 AM Jun 28th via web

iPod played "Coffee & TV" just as I was about to buy a coffee. I did not buy a TV though.
7:13 PM Jun 28th via Ovi by Nokia

Another show where the programme's run out, Southwark Playhouse? Another "this actor had legs & a face" review then.
7:35 PM Jun 28th via Ovi by Nokia
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