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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 16: No Schafernaker 
6th-Jul-2011 06:43 pm
Oops, nearly forgot to do my weekly Twitter roundup. I'm sure the world would have imploded if I hadn't. This week on my feed, I comment snarkily on Pride, and my eyes and ears are assaulted by Cher Lloyd's video.

The Union will be doing a musical version of The House of Bernarda Alba. The very idea made me snot with laughter.
4:32 PM Jun 29th via web

Sleb Spot: Rupert Evans + stubble at Bush Theatre. *swoon*
7:03 PM Jun 29th via Ovi by Nokia

@josh_sey I'll have you know these are genuine, disturbing insights into my sexually frustrated psyche!
7:22 PM Jun 29th via Ovi by Nokia

"I can't wait to have a hen party some day!" You clearly have your priorities right, girl on bus.
7:04 PM Jul 1st via Ovi by Nokia

Why did nobody warn me that "Swagger Jagger" is a cover of "My Darling Clementine?" It's quite late to be laughing so loud.
12:14 AM Jul 2nd via web

Sleb Spot: Adrian Scarborough in Tesco Express on The Strand.
12:38 PM Jul 2nd via txt

Man across road has brought cute dog to #pridelondon. As ways of getting attention go, that's CHEATING!
1:26 PM Jul 2nd via Ovi by Nokia

Dog is wearing a rainbow scarf, by the way.
1:27 PM Jul 2nd via Ovi by Nokia

Tsk some cameraman's parked himself in front of us & I couldn't get a photo of Him Off The Feeling.
1:35 PM Jul 2nd via Ovi by Nokia

Gay Met Office just marched past. No Schafernaker though.
1:44 PM Jul 2nd via Ovi by Nokia

Paramedics are the best totty so far #pridelondon
1:48 PM Jul 2nd via Ovi by Nokia

Totty Sunday: Rugged blond edition + bonus DILF.
12:12 PM Jul 3rd via txt

"Show Me Heaven"? "Take My Breath Away"? The gym's "motivational" music is only motivating me to watch shit movies.
10:37 AM Jul 4th via txt

Tweet number 5555! Must mark it by saying something important. Er.....
1:01 PM Jul 4th via web

@pretinama "I might go android." Says the man who once thought he was a cylon.
7:11 PM Jul 4th via Ovi by Nokia

Thank fuck I took an antihistamine, this set is covered in grass.
7:23 PM Jul 4th via Ovi by Nokia

A man in the audience looks like Ron Jeremy. It amuses me to think of him watching Chekhov.
8:47 PM Jul 4th via Ovi by Nokia

Though not as weird as when I saw the *actual* Mr C from The Shamen watching Troilus and Cressida.
8:50 PM Jul 4th via Ovi by Nokia

Propeller Comedy of Errors tonight - I blame Twitter if my expectations are now unrealistically high.
1:20 PM Jul 5th via web

Ugh, WHY would you wear sandals when your toenail's rotting off?
7:19 PM Jul 5th via txt
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