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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
9th-Jul-2011 11:59 am
You wait ages for a dream then two come along at once... I dreamt about the diving board for the 2012 Olympics; I was in a planning office where there was a model of the diving board, but it wasn't going to be normal sized, instead it was going to be a huge outdoor feature about as tall as the London Eye, and would be the focal point of the Olympic complex. But it would also be used to actually dive off. As I was looking at the model, the woman who'd designed it said it would look better if she turned the water on, which she did, and water fountained out from gutters either side of the board, and a larger one directly underneath it. As I was taking a closer look at the model my perspective changed and I was on the ground in front of the actual, massive diving board.

I was there with four swimmers, two male and two female. My mind seemed to have confused the swimming and diving events because they were practising diving off this building-sized board (with the water feature still turned on) into a pool divided into lanes, and swimming on. They each went up to the top and dived off once; Then one of the men and one of the women told me I could climb up with them and see the view from the top. I went round the back to the steps which were separated into one set of stairs for men and one for women. As the woman went up the left-hand side I followed the guy (no, not Tom Daley, this was an imaginary hot swimmer/diver) up the right-hand side. As we got higher up the metal stairs turned into wooden stairs, and we were no actually inside the structure. The inside was actually a library, every wall covered with bookshelves. The female diver was now a little bit below us on the same stairs, and as the male diver ran up a couple of flights ahead of me, the woman was suddenly one flight above me as well, although she hadn't passed me on the stairs. Then she was somewhere across the room, as the stairs were now something out of M.C. Escher, or the room from Labyrinth.

Which is where my alarm went off, but I managed a whole separate dream between snooze buttons: I was in what seemed to be M&S, looking for a sandwich, but they hadn't been put out on the shelves yet. When someone did arrive with the stock, there were only half a dozen or so, instead there was a new deli counter where you could make up your own, but out of a rather odd selection of fillings and breads (Coronation Pork? Ew.) I gave up on the food as I saw a table where they were selling magazines, and remembered that triomakesmehot had asked for GQ. From a distance I could clearly see the pile of GQ for sale, but as I got up to the table they turned into various different magazines, Attitude and Tatler etc. As I walked back I could see the GQ again but whenever I got back close to the magazines again I couldn't find it.
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