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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 17: Ada Clock 
13th-Jul-2011 05:14 pm
This week on my Twitter feed, I continue to be aghast at Cher Lloyd's "Swagger Jagger," am disappointed at a lack of hot firemen and almost crush a legendary director to death.

Hnggnhggggggggg stubbly Tovey on This Morning.
12:26 PM Jul 6th via web

I lent a Shakespeare-sceptic friend the DVD of the Globe's AYLI from 2 years ago - it seems to have converted him :)
1:06 PM Jul 6th via txt

"You can't help lookin'at me!" True, Cher Lloyd, but it's in a "what the fuck is that?" way.
10:48 AM Jul 7th via Ovi by Nokia

Soaking my jeans to try and get the "blood" out after sitting in the front row for Propeller's Richard III.
11:31 PM Jul 7th via web

There's a battle of the sholleys as three old women try to be first on the bus.
11:10 AM Jul 8th via Ovi by Nokia

Off to see a show by the drama school that turned me down last month. I'll TRY not to leave a turd under my seat but I make no promises.
5:54 PM Jul 8th via Ovi by Nokia

I like how the Lyric Hammersmith's tagline "Hammersmith & Proud" vaguely suggests they might have been embarrassed about it instead.
7:18 PM Jul 8th via Ovi by Nokia

Sleb Spot: Mike Leigh a couple of seats away from me at the Lyric.
8:47 PM Jul 8th via txt

I nearly fell over onto Mike Leigh as I stood up to let him pass. I apologised & he just chuckled "gravity." AMAZING.
9:57 PM Jul 8th via txt

Was actually considering booking Hamlet in German at the Barbican. "150 minutes, no interval." Not considering it any more.
1:53 PM Jul 10th via web

@pretinama They would at least have to provide me with a bottle to pee in.
1:58 PM Jul 10th via Tweet Button in reply to pretinama

Fire alarm's gone off. Firemen are always a bit disappointing. Backdraft lied to us re their attractiveness.
4:38 PM Jul 10th via txt

Been allowed back in now. My building used to be a fire station so fire alarms always come with bonus IRONY!
4:45 PM Jul 10th via txt

Are we *sure* Posh wasn't still on painkillers, and thought they'd asked her what time it was? "Harper Seven."
11:50 AM Jul 11th via web

If Harper Seven had been born half an hour later, they'd have called her Ada Clock.
11:50 AM Jul 11th via web

Theatrical/Hollyoaks Spot: A very brown Summer Strallen going into the Royal Court.
6:44 PM Jul 11th via Ovi by Nokia
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