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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Book review: The Bride That Time Forgot 
17th-Jul-2011 09:21 am
Paul Magrs' books are a quick read so I'd probably have finished The Bride That Time Forgot on the trip to and from Stratford Upon Avon yesterday even if the trains hadn't been delayed. As it is, the fifth Brenda and Effie book was a good choice to keep me occupied during the several hours' travel. There's a bit of a change this time around, as the two supernatural ladies are antagonists: A bite from her (very, very) elderly boyfriend has left Effie looking pale, a lot younger and prone to picking up chavvy young men in dark alleys and sucking their blood, so she's not too keen to help Brenda find out why Whitby is suddenly infested with young male vampires in tracksuits. Brenda (the Bride of Frankenstein/B&B landlady) is also investigating a satanic book club. This time around there's a bit of a His Dark Materials spoof going on, although instead of a Subtle Knife there's a pair of Blithe Pinking Shears. And things don't get any less camp - the portal between worlds is called a Dreadful Flap. It's actually really fun to change the dynamic for one book and have the two old ladies bitching behind each other's backs (the first two sections are narrated by each of them in turn giving both sides of the story) but I'm glad it doesn't seem to be permanent - Brenda gallumphing well-meaningly through the streets of Whitby while Effie snarks in the background means all is right with the world.
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