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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
In conclusion... 
17th-Jul-2011 07:55 pm
I don't actually have much to say about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 but feel like I should do a post on it to put it to rest... I know a lot of fans have got very emotional about this being "the end" of the series but I think for me it ended with the books, and knowing there were a few films left to come out at that point was just a way not to be too upset about it. Clearly not everyone is as ready to let go though, as I went to the loo during the ads (plannning! So I wouldn't have to go during the film!) and a grown man in there said to me sadly "it's almost over!" Personally, I was too busy hoping that the puddle covering the entire men's room floor was just rainwater to muse wistfully over the end of childhood. Admittedly the fact that I was wearing my "Neville would have done it in four books" T-shirt might have made him think I was more invested in things than I was. As with the last few films I went with Evil Alex and his husband, and it was an enjoyable afternoon at the cinema, nice to see how the final part of the story was translated to the screen. So just a few thoughts:

- Evil Alex and I were talking before the film started about how people are mentals when they cheer the ratings card announcing the film, and then applaud at the end as if the actors can hear them. So then we sniggered to each other when the audience did exactly that.
- I see JKR's attempts to get DanRad to reenact Equus in the King's Cross scene were thwarted, but some extra topless Dan and Rupert was added instead.
- My T-shirt was a good choice, since with the collapsing bridge scene they made Neville even more of a badass in the film than he is in the book. And I see Steve Kloves is a Neville/Luna shipper, since that never happened in the books or when JKR was asked about the characters' fates.
- I didn't mind most of the changes made, although one that annoyed me was that Voldemort could feel the horcruxes being destroyed. No of course he can't, or he'd have realised what was going on a couple of years ago when Dumbledore destroyed the ring. I also didn't love that Harry destroyed the diadem - I liked the fact that in the books it's very specifically a different person who destroys each one. It's not like they couldn't have made it clear that the fire had destroyed it, since they had established a "horcrux destruction" special effect by that point.
- Bless Steve Kloves and David Yates for trying to make the bit about the Elder Wand's loyalty make sense. They didn't manage it, but you can only do so much. (For the record I did, on the second reading of the book, figure out how it became Harry's. I just don't think it follows that blasting a completely different wand out of Draco's hand transferred the Elder Wand to Harry.)
- Don't think I didn't notice, Yates, the numerous excuses to get the trio wet and then zoom in on Watson's cleavage. It was Peter Davison's regeneration all over again.
- And there, I think, we have it.
17th-Jul-2011 07:55 pm (UTC)
Hahaha I have always enjoyed reading your thoughts on Potter. And seriously, I LOVED that they made Neville even more badass. :D
18th-Jul-2011 11:40 am (UTC)

(Matt Lewis also remains to this day the only celebrity who's retweeted me.)
19th-Jul-2011 06:47 pm (UTC)
We can talk about this in NY, because I know you are getting ready to leave and to get to bed and not sleep, but I did finally get to see the film. Did you see 2D or 3D? I saw 3D, simply because the show time for that was more convenient for me, but I didn't think the effect was a good thing. Perhaps that was from seeing it in on regular-sized film screen rather than an IMAX, but I actually found the 3D to be very distracting.

As for the film itself, again we'll have time to talk it through, but I have to say, I loved Neville in this one! Bring the shirt. I wanna see it!
19th-Jul-2011 08:39 pm (UTC)
We were 3D as well, and again not through choice - Alex & Stephen live a long way from me so we always compromise and meet in the centre of London; and Odeon Leicester Square was showing it in 3D. I was actually going to mention the 3D but forgot - basically it was a bit pointless, even the dragon leaping out of the screen didn't really have much effect. The only bit of 3D I liked was Voldemort's ashes. On the plus side, I didn't find that the 3D and the glasses actually made it any worse - like I say I wouldn't choose 3D if I had the option, because I find wearing those glasses when you already wear glasses anyway really awkward. But this time I pretty much forgot about them after a while.

Bring the shirt. I wanna see it!

You say that as if there was the slightest chance I hadn't already got it earmarked for the exhibition on Sunday morning.
19th-Jul-2011 09:38 pm (UTC)
You say that as if there was the slightest chance I hadn't already got it earmarked for the exhibition on Sunday morning.

Oh good ... glad to know I won't be the only Muggle in an HP shirt.

BTW, I'm taking my laptop, so if you haven't found computer access by the time I get there, you can use mine.
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