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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 22: Confused by his own phone 
17th-Aug-2011 11:24 am
This week on my Twitter feed, it's mainly me spotting famouses in the street, to be honest:

Cher Lloyd gets to number one. Western civilisation collapses. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
10 Aug via web

Pamela Anderson and Tara Reid rumoured for Celeb Big Brother? Show to be renamed Hepatitis CBB.
10 Aug via web

Theatrical Spot: Leanne Jones, Southwark Playhouse bar.
10 Aug via txt

*certain* people, prepare to get overexcited. Sleb Spot: Hugh Bonneville, Southwark Playhouse.
10 Aug via txt

He was screaming "WELLS! WELLS!" OK, he might not have been really.
10 Aug via txt

I love starting a queue. Partly 'cause it means I'm first, mostly to see how quickly people rush to join it.
10 Aug via txt

Michael Winner fleeing the UK? Calm down dear, it's only the collapse of Western civilisation.
11 Aug via Ovi by Nokia

My iPod loves Neil Patrick Harris today - lots of Assassins and Dr Horrible.
12 Aug via Ovi by Nokia

Sleb Spot: The tall one from the Inbetweeners, Trafalgar Studios. Either he slouches or he's not actually that tall.
12 Aug via txt

Sleb Spot: Peter Duncan, The Strand. My 7-year-old self exploded.
12 Aug via txt

@Weez The "short actors" cliche does tend to hold true. V. few are taller than me, and I'm only 5ft 6.
13 Aug via web

After two months without writing a lowculture front page, my plan is for one every day this week. Today is, obviously, Only Connect.
15 Aug via web

Sleb Spot: David Mitchell looking confused by his own phone, Kilburn.
15 Aug via txt

Note to self: Remember to avoid Twitter on Monday nights due to Only Connect spoilers.
15 Aug via Ovi by Nokia
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