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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
One of the camper periods of British history 
29th-Aug-2011 12:34 pm
For today's lowculture article I thought I'd give BBC Four a plug, since it's once again in the news because of proposed budget cuts. (Is it me or does there always seem to be someone trying to take down BBC Four?) Today there's the start of a new documentary series on the Regency period, one of the times in British history that interests me a bit because so much about it seems so OTT. But I have mentioned BBC Three as well, because any programme featuring Jamelia is liable to be a bit... unpredictable: Four's company. (Obviously I wanted to do "Regent's treat" for the title but rad used "Baker's treat" for The Great British Bake-Off last week and it's basically the same gag.)
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