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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 24: Heresy 
31st-Aug-2011 01:12 pm
This week on Twitter I'm mainly reacting to stuff what I done seen - theatre, a nasty dream, Cumbus in a vest, The X Factor and a truly disturbing invention on Dragons' Den.

Ah, good, Hitchings in the Standard has mentioned the piss-taking ticket prices in his South Pacific review.
24 Aug via web

Finally got my arse in gear and did some cardio. And now it's raining. SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I EXERCISE! That's why staying in bed is better
25 Aug via Ovi by Nokia

Yikes, how big is the cast of truth and reconciliation! I counted 22, at the RC Upstairs that'll outnumber the audience!
25 Aug via web

"It's like the Edinburgh Festival in here!" brays woman in crowded Old Vic. I'd bet folding money she has no 1st-hand frame of reference.
25 Aug via Ovi by Nokia

Who knew 1hr 50min first acts would be this year's theatrical "thing?"
25 Aug via txt

About to post my review of Spacey's Richard III. So many Dick jokes. So little time.
26 Aug via web

@3rdspearcarrier @Weez I've seen Bertie Carvel in a few things now and still have no idea what he looks like.
26 Aug via Ovi by Nokia

Dear the Eminem, know that I am JUDGING YOU for legitimising Bruno Mars' existence.
26 Aug via web

Whoever invented coffee lids that look normal but are designed to dribble down your chin: I hate you.
26 Aug via Ovi by Nokia

Glad I booked to see London Road again before it closes. And the fabled Row T lives up to the hype #intervaltweets
26 Aug via Ovi by Nokia

Ugh, horrible dream with crypts and bodies and fire.
27 Aug via Ovi by Nokia

@aintetienne Row T is very good value - £12 for "restricted view" but not noticeably restricted.
27 Aug via web

Caught up with last night's #xfactor. Kelly's bad audition "pained" face is amazeballs. As is Kelly in general.
28 Aug via web

Also, Kelly is so randy. She must be chained to the desk to stop her dry-humping half the auditionees. #xfactor
28 Aug via web

Go on Dragons, which one of you is going to try out SHIT IN A BAG? #dragonsden
28 Aug via web

@Weez @3rdspearcarrier My friend LOVES The Tempest but even he groans at Prospero's big Basil Exposition speech.
28 Aug via web

"That day a seed was planted in me." FNAR! #dragonsden
28 Aug via web

William Ash is my virtue but Cumbus is the demon I cling to #globemysteries #beenplanningthatoneforages
29 Aug via txt

@3rdspearcarrier in retrospect maybe I shouldn't have gone with a theologian. Though #teamcumberbus does now have a new member.
29 Aug via txt

@3rdspearcarrier I wonder if any of your favourite moments involved a vest.
29 Aug via trill

I may have just whimpered on the bus at the sight of @russelltovey's holiday photo.
30 Aug via trill

I thought I'd lost my glasses this morning but they were tangled in my bedsheets. Think I woke up, put them on, & fell asleep again.
30 Aug via trill

"Please note this production contains mild sexual content, smoking and Heresy." I kinda like it already.
30 Aug via trill
31st-Aug-2011 07:24 pm (UTC)
I thought the shit in the bag was a fabulous idea LOL The amount of times I can't get in the loo in this house and that thing would be so handy :o)
1st-Sep-2011 01:40 pm (UTC)
Funnily enough I didn't see Peter Jones in as much of a hurry to try that out as he usually is.
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