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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Danger! Pasty. 
2nd-Sep-2011 03:30 pm
Ooh, it's nice out today isn't it? I'm in shorts. Take that, landlord who was grumbling yesterday about how we've had all the good weather this year and there definitely won't be an Indian summer. Some "stuff for Friday" now, with a couple of bits and pieces I've seen online this week. Firstly, if you thought local newspapers were short on hard-hitting stories to put on the front page and had to make do with any old shit, you've clearly not seen this terrifying and traumatic tale:

(My sister was on the cover of the local paper in Northampton when she was at University there. She'd had a minor heart operation. About a year earlier.)

Elsewhere, we have the odd tale of Eliza Dushku declaring war on the Daily Mail (get'em, Faith!)

Finally, Al Griffin seems to have done well enough out of the Formula 1 job last year to be releasing more songs, with "Blinding Lights" due out on iTunes next month, and a video out now. (I do wish he'd washed his hair at some point in the last decade but when did he ever listen to me?)

Have a good weekend, humans. And you, search engine bots. (When the machines take over the world maybe they'll remember I was polite to them.)
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