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Book review: Never Let Me Go

I'd downloaded Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go onto the Kindle before hearing someone describe the book as incredibly depressing, which unsurprisingly put me off a bit. Having now read it I'd say depressing wasn't the right word, it is certainly a very sad, maudlin book but rather beautiful as well. A dystopian sci-fi, it starts at a boarding school where something seems very off. (SPOILERS!) The children are clones, being raised to provide organ donations when they reach adulthood. In an additionally macabre turn of events, they have to act as carers to those already slowly dying of their "donations" for a while, prior to having their own organs harvested. It's a sad and somehow lovely meditation on life, love and death but they way the clones meekly submit to their fates without a fight is an irritating plot hole - though this kind of fatalistic deference to their alloted place in life does seem to be a recurring feature of Ishiguro characters throughout his work. I still found the book rather haunting and well worth reading though.
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