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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 29: I actually *would* enjoy silence 
5th-Oct-2011 02:18 pm
This week on my Twitter feed: The weather gets nice, and a director I reviewed gets nasty.

So I take it tonight's SRB platform will be entirely populated by Twitter. And my mum.
9:42 AM 28 Sep via trill

Good job I didn't put my shorts away. That London can be subjected to my legs once more.
12:17 PM 28 Sep via trill

A knock on my door. "Hello, do you know where we can find some Polish people?" Er, Poland?
3:08 PM 28 Sep via web

So the Twitter theatre geeks' verdict on Simon Russell Beale tonight seems to be: His "boring" Malvolio theory was the most interesting bit.
11:43 PM 28 Sep via web

*HRRRRNK!* Sound the "how dare you review my play" klaxon! http://nick730.livejournal.com/600696.html
12:19 PM 29 Sep via Tweet Button

Thanks for the supportive comments everyone - *cough* now if you could make them on the blog where he might actually see them *cough*
1:25 PM 29 Sep via web

Also, I note he didn't respond about the cuts, which were my biggest criticism #uppitybloggersunite
1:27 PM 29 Sep via web

@Weez In the unlikely event I ever direct anything again I'll TOTALLY google myself. But then I'll think more fool me for doing so when I...
1:45 PM 29 Sep via web

@Weez ...find a nasty one.
1:46 PM 29 Sep via web

Sleb Spot: Nicola Walker, Hampstead Theatre bar.
7:06 PM 29 Sep via TwimGo 2

Wow. The RSC's sending out warning letters about how sexually explicit Marat/Sade will be. Does that mean I get a refund if I'm not aroused?
12:09 PM 30 Sep via trill

@Weez Funnily enough I'm getting used to being *judged* on how I respond to shows.
12:28 PM 30 Sep via web

Susan Boyle to do a cover of "Enjoy The Silence." Ironic, as I actually *would* enjoy silence much more.
1:40 PM 30 Sep via trill

Why do I bother asking if there's a programme at the Arcola? No, obviously they've run out, they always do.
7:48 PM 30 Sep via trill

Sleb Spot: Martin Fowler off of Eastenders outside the Arcola.
9:51 PM 30 Sep via txt

@3rdspearcarrier I'm still amazed that anyone would cast John Stahl's beard in the Mysteries and NOT have it play God.
12:43 PM 1 Oct via web

Looking out over the Thames in the sunshine thinking "wow, this is where I live." #thatlondonisquitenice
2:42 PM 1 Oct via TwimGo 2

Sleb Spot: Matthew Kelly at Southwark Playhouse.
2:58 PM 1 Oct via TwimGo 2

On a hot day, Restoration costume must be a bitch for the actors, but the swishing skirts are like a fan for the audience #intervaltweets
4:43 PM 1 Oct via TwimGo 2

Jason Donovan is challenging Gary Barlow for "most monotonous voice on tv" #scd
7:00 PM 1 Oct via TwimGo 2

@cjgrinbergs I think the summary will be along the lines of "entertaining but problematic" #doctorwho
11:10 PM 1 Oct via TwimGo 2

Catching up on #xfactor. The Club Singer tumescing at the sight of Sinitta will give me nightmares.
10:42 AM 2 Oct via web

Ugh. Are you really so loved-up you can't stand on different escalator steps for ten seconds?
5:32 PM 2 Oct via txt

An audience member groaned loudly in disappointment when a cute actor failed to get his cock out. STAY CLASSY, THE STAG! #intervaltweets
7:03 PM 2 Oct via trill

Looking at the cast photos, I think tonight's show may speak to my interests.
7:14 PM 3 Oct via trill

Booked a dentist's checkup for tomorrow, having put it off for.....ever, pretty much.
3:17 PM 4 Oct via web

So glad I don't have kids, and so only have to put up with CBBC when I'm waiting for #sja
5:19 PM 4 Oct via TwimGo 2

A tiny fly just committed suicide by drowning itself in my eye fluid. Ew.
5:55 PM 4 Oct via TwimGo 2

The Aldwych has "Orchestra Stalls?" What is this, America?
7:12 PM 4 Oct via TwimGo 2
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