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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Towering intellect 
15th-Oct-2011 11:14 am
This morning featured one of those amazing dream buildings I wish I could visit for real despite their oddness. I was walking up circular flights of stairs in a large university building, with dozens of floors. Each floor had a large landing surrounded by doors with spy-holes in them, and I was looking for a seminar. If you looked through the spy-holes you'd just see the logo of a large multinational brand, like McDonalds or Gap. I kept going up the stairs, every floor being pretty much the same, until I reached one where a seminar was actually being held on the landing. I didn't know if it was the one I was looking for so waited at the edges to listen. A teaching assistant of some kind was giving a little introductory talk and explained that seminars were held out on the landings because there wasn't room for them through the doors - on each floor there was a city beyond the doors. Until then I'd only looked through the spy-holes that showed a brand name but now I opened one of the doors and saw there were just more doors on the other side. I waited until the lecturer began the discussion and started talking about Milton, at which point I knew this wasn't the seminar I was looking for and kept going upwards. At the top of the stairs I found a sign that said "North Tower" and there it opened up into a large marketplace. In the main market square people in brightly coloured (mostly red) jumpsuits were doing martial arts. There were some covered rooms with glass walls as well but I couldn't see anyone in them, so I started to wonder if there was a way to get from there straight to the South Tower, in case my seminar was actually there instead.
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