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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Off with his Head 
15th-Oct-2011 09:42 pm
It's been a busy day chez this blog but with another epic X Factor to be catching up with, I'd better get a quick word about Merlin out of the way first. Despite having Misfits to run, Howard Overman still does his bit over on Merlin, which after three series hitting the reset button more often than Voyager has suddenly decided to turn into a bloodbath. I mean, a bloodbath of characters with faces and names, not the usual weekly bloodbath of ever-replenished Camelot knights. Overman's "The Wicked Day" is a surprisingly low-key way to kill off Uther, especially given that writing out this particular regular character also means Arthur gets promoted to King. That's King Arthur, as in the King Arthur. Which opens up all sorts of new ways for the characters to get reshuffled, primarily involving Gwen getting a pretty major promotion of her own. Which is probably about time, since Agravaine still seems to have designs on her bottom, this week sending her off to bend over and make up a fire. FILTH! Anyway it's still all rather oddly low-key, with few special effects (we don't even get to see Merlin morph into Old!Merlin or back!) and guest star Phil Davis a pretty good red herring, since his purpose turns out not to be villain of the week for the whole episode, but to stab Uther and die himself in the first ten minutes. Interesting that we end with Arthur now apparently as determinedly anti-magic as his father was - I wonder, what with Lancelot's death last week, if the writers really are trying to now say that this origin story isn't necessarily going to turn out the way that we're familiar with from the mythology? If they are they've got a way to go yet to convince me, what with all those uses of magic as a reset button in the past, enjoyable as the series remains, it's never been great at creating a genuine feeling of jeopardy.

And after finally shelling out for new credits at the start of the series, they'll have to do it all again next week to take Tony Head out. D'oh!

SOSSERY! count nil.

GAYWATCH Merlin asking Arthur if he'd like to watch him pee! Merlin staying up all night so Arthur won't be lonely! The magic as coming-out metaphor meme is back in earnest this week as well. And "I think a lot of sorcerors are in the charcoal business." I don't know what that's a euphemism for, but it definitely sounds like a euphemism for something.
(Deleted comment)
17th-Oct-2011 01:37 pm (UTC)
Oh please - Morgana spent THREE YEARS skulking around the castle doing EvilSmirk and mwahahahahaing every time anything bad happened, and still nobody suspected anything, they've got no chance of spotting Agravaine's a wrong'un. And like I say, if they do, they'll just think he has designs on Gwen's bottom. Except Gwen herself of course, but she spent the first three series practically living with Morgana, dusting her "I *heart* Evil" posters daily and still didn't cotton on so there's no hope for her.
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