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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
She was only a blacksmith’s daughter (but she could forge an iron rod) 
31st-Oct-2011 05:30 pm
This week’s Merlin goes in for some character development now that Arthur’s suddenly king (yes, they remembered that this week.) “His Father’s Son” gets Lindsay Duncan in on the act as a Boadicea figure (although not actually Boadicea, ‘cause then she’d have to die and be mummified and set fire to by some bumbling archaeologists; oh Bonekickers, the lowculture massive loved you, even if nobody else did. And we didn’t love you for entirely the reasons intended. Wells! Wells! Anyway, I appear to have got distracted.) The point is Arthur, who’s been saying he’ll do things differently when he becomes king, does become king and proceeds to listen to Uncle Aggravation, telling him to do things exactly the same. Including starting a war. And it’s all Queasy!Morgana’s doing really but then most things are.

Anyway he also dumps Gwen for being a blacksmith’s daughter and therefore a bit too Kate Middleton for the Middle Ages. But he makes up with her again in the end in a rather sweet way, by bringing her some rubbish flowers (well technically she had to come to him to get them but there we are) and showing her how he feels about her by pressing his boner up against her. I may have misinterpreted this scene slightly. He also resolves the whole icky war thing in a nicely King Arthurly fashion, by single combat against an opponent who, complying with all the laws of fantasy, is massive but a grunting idiot. The Marthur relationship is quite nice this week, with them regularly referring to each other as friends, without Arthur demanding that Merlin apologise for his familiarity. Obviously this doesn’t match their relationship for recent episodes and it’ll probably change again next week, but if you’re watching Merlin for the continuity you’re probably going to be disappointed anyway. Quite a fun episode this week all things told, I thought.

SOSSERY! count nil. They’re being such spoilsports this year.

GAYWATCH! LOLCONFUSION about Merlin wanting to share a bed with Arthur. Yeah, this was rather phoned in this week as well. Must Try Harder.
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