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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 33: His friend misses Cheryl 
2nd-Nov-2011 04:53 pm
This week on my Twitter feed, nobody does any necrophilia jokes when a certain celebrity dies so I have to do them all, I focus on the important things when Misfits comes back, and last night's stage set very nearly causes me to tumesce.

Oh Rizzle Kicks, as if you're not still youngsters now.
26 Oct via txt

"Come on a train!" Strange advert. But I've heard of women managing to do that on a washing machine, so I guess it's possible on a train.
27 Oct via txt

A gay on the train just called Gary Barlow the only competent judge. His friend misses Cheryl. I may demand they give up their Gay Cards.
28 Oct via TwimGo 2

Sir Jimmy's dead? He must be loving it where he is now, he'll fancy EVERYONE!
29 Oct via trill

Also, I suppose this means Sir Jimmy must fancy himself now.
29 Oct via trill

Man in pub just punched air & cheered as goal went in on TV. Everyone else turned slowly to stare at him. Guess it's not that sort of pub.
30 Oct via trill

"I feel like I'm on top of the world." JUMP! JUMP! #xfactor
30 Oct via web

Alexandra BURKE loves Misha and hates Frankie. As if we didn't already know she was awesome. #xfactor
30 Oct via web

What are you yelping on about now, Shitsinger? Actually never mind, I don't care. #xfactor
30 Oct via web

Time for the important matters of the day: How long before Iwan Rheon gets his arse out? #misfits
30 Oct via trill

Beatles or no Beatles, I knew a Monday night would be a good bet for an upgrade.
31 Oct via trill

Theatrical Spot: Tobias Menzies at the National.
1 Nov via txt

@Weez he was wearing ugly shoes, which put me off a bit.
1 Nov via txt

This is basically Drum Revolve Porn #intervaltweets
1 Nov via txt

@emslj Thanks. Seriously though, that set. Just give it the Olivier now. (Mind you Earthquakes didn't win, which was mental.)
2 Nov via web

@emslj No but when half of it went down inside the Drum I was very nearly physically aroused.
2 Nov via web
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