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We the Tweeple 34: All this stuff about monsters

This week on my Twitter feed, even more X Factor gubbins than usual as ARSETAT gets kicked out, lots of Sleb Spots in Soho and unnecessary intervals make me grumpy.

Mrs Doyle Spot: Pauline McLynn, Soho Theatre.
7:51 PM 2 Nov via trill

Interval after 45 mins? How pointless. #intervaltweets
8:50 PM 2 Nov via txt

Thanks, all-night roadworks outside my window, you've really set me up for the day!
10:05 AM 3 Nov via web

I get the feeling I was right to avoid The Actor Michael Sheen's Hamlet. It really doesn't sound like he played him as Kenneth Williams.
7:14 PM 3 Nov via trill

@3rdspearcarrier OMGSOIT'SALLINHISMIND etc. So the impressions are J Nicholson & B Blessed? I refuse to believe there's no impressions.
7:22 PM 3 Nov via trill

Are very early intervals Hampstead's "thing" now? #intervaltweets
8:16 PM 3 Nov via trill

Theatrical types: I just put some change in The Heff's charity bucket. Jealous?
9:41 PM 3 Nov via trill

@emslj I think I saw @ahungrycentaur in the bar afterwards as well btw.
10:18 PM 3 Nov via trill

So "please leave space so people can pass" meant "please let 40 schoolkids queue-jump?" So why did we bother queueing?
7:19 PM 4 Nov via trill

@Weez Wilton's. Got a good seat anyway but the queueing was a bit chaotic all round.
9:17 PM 4 Nov via trill

@Weez @3rdspearcarrier d'you reckon Bertie Carvel goes to the mirror to shave & goes "AARGH! I'VE REGENERATED AGAIN!"?
5:35 PM 5 Nov via trill

Sleb Spot: Iwan Rheon watching Terror 2011 (I stopped myself from trying to mount him, just about.)
9:01 PM 5 Nov via txt

@helencairns I also passed him having a fag outside afterwards, my restraint amazes even me!
9:05 PM 5 Nov via txt

Also at Terror: Rose's Dad Spot: Shaun Dingwall in the front row.
9:06 PM 5 Nov via txt

ITV1 and E4 signal fucked on my TV. Bodes well for a night of #xfactor and #misfits :(
7:58 PM 6 Nov via TweetDeck

"Have your tissues handy for Downton Abbey." I don't watch it, do a lot of people wank to it then?
7:59 PM 6 Nov via TweetDeck

If it wasn't for Marcus, I'd so be hoping for an all-boys bottom 3 just to see the look on Barlow's face. #xfactor
8:01 PM 6 Nov via TweetDeck

Dear Little Mix, PLEASE DO STOP THE MUSIC. #xfactor
8:11 PM 6 Nov via TweetDeck

All this stuff about monsters is a week late, Flo. Then again if she'd sung it at Halloween she'd have been the only one on-theme #xfactor
8:26 PM 6 Nov via TweetDeck

I don't know why having The Machine onstage is meant to be something new for #xfactor. Although usually it's the autotune machine.
8:28 PM 6 Nov via TweetDeck

The Risk will be back! Not necessarily featuring any of the people currently in the group, but you know. Someone'll fill in. #xfactor
8:43 PM 6 Nov via TweetDeck

Wand Erection next week. I do hope Zayn's Tuneless EchoTM is still present and correct. #xfactor
8:58 PM 6 Nov via TweetDeck

Oh #misfits, with your collection of some of my most hated tropes in one episode, how you disappoint me :(
11:05 PM 6 Nov via TweetDeck

However, next week: Simon episode AND Hot Naked Student from Jumpy. Yay! #misfits
11:06 PM 6 Nov via TweetDeck

@D_Hollingsworth And just happens to be the first Misfits episode *ever* not written by Howard Overman...
11:36 PM 6 Nov via TweetDeck

@D_Hollingsworth Jonathan Ross has written one this year as well so that's... a thing. #misfits
10:55 AM 7 Nov via trill

@emslj As I recall you liked the last Philip Ridley play you saw just a tiny bit. Have you spotted this?
1:31 PM 7 Nov via TweetDeck

@emslj @3rdspearcarrier the only Ridley I haven't liked so far was Piranha Heights. Despite it having a Treadaway in it.
1:58 PM 7 Nov via TweetDeck

This fabric softener is called Spring Awakening. It smells of teenage sex and suicide.
9:31 AM 8 Nov via TwimGo 2

So Frankie broke the Golden Rule: Acknowledging live on air that Louis might be right about him. #xfactor
1:58 PM 8 Nov via TweetDeck

I'm assuming Ashford will replace Frankie; that's the only way to stop him joining Little Mix. #xfactor
2:00 PM 8 Nov via TweetDeck

"Poppers" is the answer to a suspiciously high amount of #onlyconnect questions.
2:16 PM 8 Nov via TwimGo 2

Royal Court and National Theatre members' booking opening on consecutive days. I'll be a gibbering wreck of nerves by the end of it.
4:24 PM 8 Nov via web

Driver has left the bus lights off. Feel like I'm in a sleeper car. Must stay awake, it's only a few stops.
10:45 PM 8 Nov via trill
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