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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Traitor tots 
13th-Nov-2011 12:54 pm
This week’s Merlin has a lot of Uncle Aggravation in it, including some shocking news before the credits: Queasy!Morgana (but not Dead!Morgana – ooh, that fakeout really lasted a long while then) has a flashback to last week’s episode when she was wearing a completely different dress when Merlin knocked her out, than she is when she regains consciousness. Which means Uncle Aggravation stripped and changed her while she was unconscious. Perve. Uncle Aggro also continues to be no good at keeping his evilness secret, hovering around behind Morgana where Gaius can see him, and continuing to be really rubbish at throwing suspicion onto Gaius. (“Nobody’s more surprised than me that Gaius appears to be a traitor!” after several days of going “pssst, I think Gaius is a traitor!”) At least by the end of the episode Gaius and Merlin have figured him out, so we don’t have another full series of the baddie EvilSmirking to everyone’s faces and going unnoticed. Also at the end, although it’s nice that the series is clearly setting us up for Arthur’s legendary rule being all about tolerance and equality, Gaius does tell Arthur that many people across the nation believe in what he’s trying to do. Which is clever of them, considering even Arthur hasn’t figured out what it is he’s trying to do yet. (Of course, you could interpret this as Gaius planting the idea in Arthur’s head that his rule should be all about tolerance And That.) Elsewhere, Gwaine’s personality this week is back to the original “faithful cheeky-chappie,” instead of the “gibbering comic relief” we got at the start of this series.

SOSSERY! count nil. As this series’ duck continues to the halfway point, Uncle Aggravation makes a big effort to get Gaius to say it, but fails. We do get two “SOSSEROR!”s though.

GAYWATCH! Lots of shirtless Marthur bedtime action this week, and everyone wants to be in the room with Arthur when he takes a bath. Meanwhile not-really-a-baddie Alator prefers to be accompanied at all times by a topless muscular man. Don’t we all?
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