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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Squids in 
19th-Nov-2011 09:17 pm
This week’s Merlin is called “Lamia,” so I assume it’s about a small city in Greece that we had to pass through on the way from Athens to my dad’s village. However this turns out to be slightly inaccurate, and it’s actually about a sort of siren girl and occasional octopus creature who dazzles men and puts them into a coma. Gwen actually gets stuff to do this week, and even more surprisingly so does Sir Percival. I mean, stuff other than the usual “having arms” which is his primary function. Also, one of the Avelines from Bread is in it. To be honest it’s hard to remember much else about the episode because of the following:

SOSSERY! count One. Finally! It took eight episodes but we got there in the end. I actually cheered out loud. Especially since, clearly having missed it as much as the rest of us, Dame Richard Wilson gives it a lot of gusto even by his standards.

GAYWATCH! The Lamia seduces all men but not women or Merlin, because Merlin is different in some way that Gwen can’t quite figure out. Heh.
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21st-Nov-2011 04:31 pm (UTC)
I just figure we've had three series of Morgana being the baddie who nobody knows is a baddie, now that she's gone from Camelot we don't instantly need another one, those stories have been told.
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