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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
We the Tweeple 36: Well done, madam 
23rd-Nov-2011 01:03 pm
This week on my Twitter feed, I went to slightly less theatre than usual so shared my UNIQUE INSIGHTS on TV shows instead, and a woman on the train wanted everyone to know how important she was. Not too important to travel by train, mind.

Had a "what the hell did I just cough up?" panic. Then realised it was red sand from the Yerma set last night. #dangeroustheatre
8:36 AM 16 Nov via trill

I saw "Nick Hewer" and "Countdown" and assumed Dictionary Corner. But hosting, really? No, but REALLY?
11:56 AM 16 Nov via web

Of course if it was Margaret I'd be all in favour.
11:57 AM 16 Nov via web

Hurrah: Another random stranger at the gym stops me to say how much weight I've lost.
10:37 AM 17 Nov via txt

@merseytart if it helps, I'm still fat. Just not *as* fat.
11:04 AM 17 Nov via txt

There's a woman on the bus who looks disconcertingly like Miss Trunchbull. Maybe it's Bertie, maybe that's actually his real face. #matilda
11:09 AM 17 Nov via txt

I see plenty of people on the tube seem to be taking part in #movember. Well done, madam.
6:51 PM 17 Nov via TwimGo 2

Yikes, new Bush Theatre, are you sure it's hot enough in here? I think there's a drop of moisture I haven't sweated out yet.
7:18 PM 17 Nov via TwimGo 2

"Set covered in sand" is apparently my theatre theme of the week #intervaltweets
8:44 PM 17 Nov via TwimGo 2

So, rewrites of classic books are going to be The Moff's Christmas Special theme every year? I quite like that actually. #doctorwho
8:33 PM 18 Nov via TweetDeck

Oh, for this to be true http://bit.ly/ukoSdB *campaign for Head Judge Burke begins here* #xfactor
10:32 AM 19 Nov via TweetDeck

I'm sure Arthur Christmas is meant to be some kind of pun, but I wouldn't know where to start guessing what it is.
1:41 PM 19 Nov via trill

@Weez "half a" is what made me think it must be a pun, except "half a Christmas" isn't a thing. It's irritating.
1:51 PM 19 Nov via trill

For fuck's sake driver. If you wrongly announce the bus is terminating early and everyone piles out, how about announcing a correction too?
5:20 PM 19 Nov via trill

SOSSERY! Finally! We've been waiting all series! #merlin
8:41 PM 19 Nov via trill

The Beeb are a bit confident people are going to instantly love Pan Am. Four new episodes in the first week? Yikes.
9:47 PM 19 Nov via TweetDeck

Ugh, been having horrible dreams full of rejection.
10:29 AM 20 Nov via txt

I actually like these foggy days. I think it might be my favourite winter weather.
12:45 PM 20 Nov via TweetDeck

@catnip25 It's better than snow. Snow only looks nice if you get up at 5am before a single person steps on it & it instantly turns to sludge
12:58 PM 20 Nov via TweetDeck

No Walliams should not replace Louis. He can replace Gary if he wants. A bag of crisps can replace Gary if it wants. #xfactor
8:02 PM 20 Nov via TweetDeck

"This is torture, this is pain." STOP DOING MY PUNCHLINES FOR ME, #xfactor!
8:06 PM 20 Nov via TweetDeck

"What's your ritual, Oatibix?" "We sacrifice a kitten then drink its blood." #xfactor
8:14 PM 20 Nov via TweetDeck

Oh I see you've dealt with having an act in the bottom two with grace then, Barlow. #xfactor
8:52 PM 20 Nov via TweetDeck

For fuck's sake, does the stream of effluent from previous year's shows NEVER END? Olly FUCKING Murs next? #xfactor
8:57 PM 20 Nov via TweetDeck

Poor the Gbemi. "It should have been Posh Harry but the genders are totally unequal now so a girl needs to go. 'Bye!" #apprenticebabies
9:58 PM 21 Nov via TweetDeck

But bless Less Posh Harry for his carefully non-sexuality-discriminating pitch #apprenticebabies
10:00 PM 21 Nov via TweetDeck

#mongrels was a bit pants this week but Marion as Bella Swan was genius.
5:00 PM 22 Nov via TweetDeck

6:08 PM 22 Nov via trill

"HE'S PLAYING GAY BUT HE'S NOT GAY AT ALL! AT ALL! HE'S A PARTY ANIMAL!" With every word she says I want her death to be more painful.
6:12 PM 22 Nov via trill

@3rdspearcarrier she probably means "HE GETS LOADS OF MINGE!" but who knows with someone wearing purple wellies. PERSONALITY!
6:18 PM 22 Nov via trill

Her "insights" into mental health issues ("I READ A SCRIPT ABOUT IT!") make me want her to experience them first-hand.
6:20 PM 22 Nov via trill

@Weez I'd prefer an Ironic PunishmentTM. Like Ridley Scott walking past and saying "LOOK, IT'S THAT HACK I NEVER WANT TO WORK WITH!"
6:25 PM 22 Nov via trill
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